NAVER STARCAST: B.A.P to comeback after 1 year and 9 months with the theme of "Youth"!

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Hello, STARCAST readers! I won’t say much. Finally. Making comeback.
Who?! It’s Best-Absolute-Perfect!

Six men who will make your heart fluttering by just hearing their names, B.A.P will come back with 4th mini album ‘MATRIX’. The comeback show with the fans will be held on November 15. I don’t know why the time goes so slow before comeback... The group teaser images that announced ‘Return of the King’ and the individual teaser videos revealed through NAVER ‘V’ app aren’t enough for the fans who feel longing for comeback! Therefore I prepared this.

B cuts for B.A.P’s individual teaser image that captured women’s heart. It will only be revealed at STARCAST especially. Shall we review the A cuts that made B.A.B.Y’s heart fluttering every 11:15 am last week? 
 "Let's be the realist. But dream something impossible" –Bang Yongguk-

 "I hope the things that written as ‘choice’ and read as ‘youth’ to be beautiful" –Himchan–

"Although I feel exhausted and afraid, I keep run since I’m a youth" –Youngjae-

"Youth to become our lots of good memory" –Daehyun-

 "The youth is a period to look at dream and reality at the same time" –Jongup-

"Our youth is the continuation of the opportunities" -Zelo-

The members’ thoughts about ‘Youth’ - since they are six people with strong individuality, the meanings for youth are various. Then, shall we have a look at the behind cuts for the best youth in these days? Relax and take a deep breath. Now. Breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe in, and breathe out. 

Starts now.

It’s Bang Yongguk who has attractive rapping voice and the reliable fence of B.A.P. Should we have to call him ‘Bang PD’ instead of ‘Bang leader’ now? His name appears in every track since he produced the 4th mini album ‘MATRIX’. This is why people anticipate the title track ‘Young, Wild & Free’ and the new album completed by leader more.
©Jang WC

This is not a drama shooting site. Of course it’s not a filming site neither. <The_face_did_all.jpg>
Look at the eyes like a main male character in the romance movie. It’s Himchan’s ability to make teaser image into a scene from a touching movie. 

©Jang WC

The face as small as a fist and the full figure shot like this. It’s unrealistic Youngjae as if he just came out of comic book because of his well-defined features on the side-view. If Himchan looks like a main character of drama, Youngjae looks like a character in the romance comic book who’s wandering around after just came out of the book. Go! Go away! Of course, to the heart of B.A.B.Y ...♡_♡  

©Jang WC

It looks like Daehyun will shed tears soon while kneeling on the floor. His pose and facial expression make the fans feel hurtful to run right away and ask him “Why are you crying homey?”

©Jang WC

It’s the best dancer of B.A.P Jongup who boasting his blonde hair among the black hairs. Jongup is known as shy but he looks charismatic in the photo. He even took the risk of baring(?) with ripped pants.

©Jang WC

Zelo who became adult by turning 20 this year! Actually he was an oppa in our mind because of his physical figures with 187cm tall height. The concept of new album ‘MATRIX’ makes the fans who have minds like a mum since they have been looking at him from ‘Bang & Zelo’ period also heart fluttering.
©Jang WC

"Young, Wild & Free"

Young, wild and free, six men are saying. There’s nothing you can’t do as a youth. The soaring with B.A.B.Y to become more brilliant starts now.
Please look forward for B.A.P’s comeback show ‘151115’ held at DDP on November 15! If you can’t join unfortunately, then you can have a look through NAVER ‘V’ app B.A.P channel airing live.

Then I’ll be back with good news again!
Coming Soon!
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