Let's get ready to trend #/WelcomeBackBAP on November 16th at 12:00PM KST

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Hey Babyz!

As we know all know, B.A.P will be dropping 'Young, Wild & Free' really soon and they really need our support! Twitter and social media is really important in gathering attention and proving just how much we've missed our boys.

You can use THIS time converter to find out when to trend!

What are we trending? We are trending #WelcomeBackBAP

When are we trending? November the 16th @12:00PM KST (This is when the MV will drop!)

How long are we trending for? As long as we can!

How should we tweet to make it count? 
- Avoid spamming with just the hashtag!
- Use words not just emojis
- Use pictures, lyrics, info and quotes to spread B.A.P around!
- Don't repeat the hashtag more than once per tweet
- Put the hashtag in different places in the tweet (beginning, end etc.)

You DON'T want all your hard work to be useless because it won't be counted if it's "spamming"!


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