Instagram Update by Himchan and Daehyun

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/!\ This is a masterpost for Instagram Updates of November

A photo that is a Top 3 in my heart

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Soon going to be with Park So Hyun noona's "Love Game"!!! Everyone please listen

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 I'm doing my hair, see you in a little while
#StarDesignerKangJiMoon #JennyHouseStar #TheHyungThatCutMyHair#ILoveYouBaby

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 Is it okay? You were surprised, right? Dont forget to watch Music Core today!

Let's meet at the fansign later

LINE is also supporting us~! Thank you! #line #itscute

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Good morning See you later

Today's music bank is at a different location-! See you later everyone. Have a nice day 

Ein von DaeHyun (@dh_jung_bap) gepostetes Video am

VApp come on!

Thank you. I really mean it. Thank you so much! This all happened thanks to you guys. I love you

Babyz, thank you

Ein von byzelo (@byzelo) gepostetes Video am

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 fans and members who were always by my side in the difficult times, thank you for turning those times when i was smoldering while i was making Young, Wild and Free into such precious times! I will always make music that's young, wild and free!

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I've ate it well!!! Even not this, the shake cookie I've ate it real well! Thank you. Thank you to all the people that came toady!!! As expected baby!!!!!!!!!

I've ate it well

After a long time, at 5pm at Mnet & Mwave through Live Broadcast, MC together with Youngjae! DaumTVpot, KakaoTV, Youtube, you can watch it through Mwave channel~!

#1400Day #JointheHyungs

 It has been a long time, at the dorm with Bbang-! I'm already missing our fans

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 Close people that I met after a long time

Everytime we said to meet but only called, after a long time, finally met kyunsang hyung at the broadcast station.

My little brother of 4 years. I will cheer for you punk

 Really good and beloved younger brother. Fighting!! Thanks!!! #suwoong #boysrepublic #myyoungerbrother

A video posted by DaeHyun (@dh_jung_bap) on

Bye Everyone~!! Thank you <3

A video posted by DaeHyun (@dh_jung_bap) on

Thank you hehe

Thank you to those that came since the dawn today, I'm sorry I'm only saying thank you to you now, Thank you~!

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See you then


Thank you

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Thank you, so many people came so thank you and we ate it well! You've worked hard! #Baby

See you then

You've worked hard, haha see you tomorrow

I've ate well!!!!! Thank you to the babys that came today!!!

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