B.A.P for 10Asia Magazine

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The issue will be released on November 25th and will include a 28p B.A.P edition! Will be available for purchase on YesAsia.com (intl-friendly)

B.A.P's tenasia photo shoot making video is revealed.

On 25th, through tenasia's youtube channel, B.A.P who decorated the magazine '10+Star' December issue photo shoot making video is revealed.

With the concept of ‘Waiting for Spring’, the more matured looks of B.A.P was shown, and they each showed a different charm. You will be able to see Bang YongGuk, HimChan, DaeHyun, YoungJae, JongUp and Zelo's soft and sensible side.

B.A.P photo shoot interview can be seen on the December issue of '10+Star', and you can see the making video through tenasia's official youtube channel 


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