/!\ 2016 Comeback: 5 Ways You Can Help B.A.P /!\

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Here's all the ways you can HELP them get recognition for their comeback !

1. Purchasing the album
The easiest way to help is getting their new album. This can be either a physical copy or a digital one. Physical and digital sales count for 60% on charts of Music shows. 

*Physical albums for the music charts:
Intl-friendly shops that count on Hanteo Chart*:

TS E-SHOP; YesAsia; Kpoptown; Kpopmart; Ktown4u; iTunes*


*Music shows uses Hanteo Chart data for physical and digital sales (60%)
*iTunes allows you to buy the album digitally. Sales go directly to B.A.P but it doesn't count on Hanteo Chart. 

MelOn, Naver, Daum, Genie, Soribada are some korean-based sites where you can stream the song and it will help with points for music shows.  You buy the song and listen through their platform. Basic rules apply: don’t mute the volume, listen to the entire song, just one listen per day per person counts.

2. Watch the Music Video
This count for 40% of SNS points on charts. SNS points counts for 30% on Music shows.

Watch the MV on B.A.P's Official Youtube channel. For your views to count, remember to:
  • Unmute the volume
  • Watch the video completely, start to finish
  • Clean your history and cookies to keep the counter going up
  • Actively SEARCH for the MV in youtube finder every time you watch it
3. Promote B.A.P and 'CARNIVAL' on SNS & Increase Trendings
This count for 60% of SNS points on charts. SNS points counts for 30% on Music shows.
  • Some music shows take SNS into account, so be sure to be tweeting about B.A.P! 
  • Mentions on Twitter also counts as SNS points; retweet updates from B.A.P's official Twitter accounts: @BAP_Bangyongguk, @BAP_Himchan, @BAP_Daehyun, @BAP_Youngjae, @BAP_Jongup and @ZELO96 
  • Like B.A.P's Official Facebook pages and share the updates about the new album/promotions
  • Search Engines: Enter "B.A.P MATRIX" into the search boxes of Korean portals like Naver, Nate, Daum and MelOn and click on any B.A.P article and keep it open at least 1 minute. Close your browser window before using another search engine. You can do it once a day, when you have time, it takes a few minutes and helps to increase trendings about B.A.P! 

4. Join the Fancafe, show some love ^3^
  • Here are some tutorials to join the Fancafe. 
  • You can also follow the members' and the group's official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SHARE massively their updates with your friends and family. Talking about them is a good way to promote them around too!
5. Vote for B.A.P on Music Shows
Votes counts for 10% on charts of Music shows.
  • Each Music shows (SBS The Show, SBS Inkigayo, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, etc.) has their own system and percentages. International Fans can help B.A.P to win Music Shows in many ways. 
  • Don't forget that digital and physicals sales of the albums make a great chunk of the votes, so by doing that we have already done a lot. 
*Time zone Converter HERE*

SBS The Show
Tuesdays, 8;00PM KST
Voting time: Thursday to Monday 12:00 PM KST


* Intl fans are of great help since streaming in Todou is a 35% of the points. 
* There’s also the SMS, but we are still not sure if the SMS sent from websites like freesms or sendsms count or not.
*The Show is our best shot for them to win their first award for this comeback, so when we have more info on how to get them nominated and vote we will make sure to publish all of it!!

Ranking system:
35 % – Physical + Digital + SNS  
35 % – Tudou MV views  
15% – Korea SMS voting  
15% – China Tudou votes

MBC Show Champion
Wednesdays, 6:00PM KST
Voting time: From Tuesday 11PM KST to Sunday 11PM KST


* Each email address can register 5 Melon ID. 
* Don't forget to rate & like B.A.P "Matrix" album on MelOn!

Ranking system:
45% Digital sales (Mostly MelOn)
10% Physical sales (Hanteo)
15% Ranking from netizens
15% Ranking from professionals in music industry
15% Points on MBC music broadcast

Mnet M!Countdown
Thursdays, 6:00PM KST
Voting time: From Friday 11AM KST to Monday 9AM KST


* An ID registered in MWAVE (global) can cast another vote on Mnet Korea or Mnet Japan (1 ID = 2 votes).
* Each IP can accommodate 10 IDs and you can sign up even more accounts if you change your IP. 
* Should avoid including bap or related terms in your Mnet ID. 
* Make sure IDs are not in sequence. (e.g. bapangel01, ...)

Ranking system:
50% Digital sales (Mnet, MelOn, Bugs!, Soribada)
10% Album sales
10% SNS (Youtube MV & SNS data)
10% Rating (fan voting)
10% Broadcast score (times the song is used on Mnet channel)
10% Live Broadcast voting

KBS Music Bank
Fridays, 6:10PM KST
No voting

Ranking system: 
65% Digital sales (Mostly MelOn, but also Bugs!, Mnet, Olleh and Soribada)
20% Broadcast time (times B.A.P's songs have been used during broadcast, including as BG music on other KBS programs, etc.)
10% Viewer’s choice
5% Physical sales (Hanteo)

MBC Music Core
Saturdays, 3:50PM KST
Voting time: During the broadcast via SMS (only for top 3)


Ranking system: 
70% Physical and Digital sales
10% Youtube views
10% Board of viewers' vote
10% SMS vote

SBS Inkigayo
Sundays, 4:10PM KST
Voting time: From Monday 12AM KST to Sunday 11:59PM KST


* Very difficult for international fans to get voting app, but please try ^^
* Watch the MV through Gaon to help B.A.P win on Inkigayo! It counts as SNS points (35%)
Go to Gaon Social Chart and follow our TUTORIAL. Watch the MV from start to end, otherwise it won't let you share it on SNS. 

Ranking system: 
60% Digital sales (MelOn, Bugs, and Soribada)
35% SNS (Only for top 3 until the day of broadcasting)
5% Voting
10% Real time voting (SNS or MV TV talk app, only for top 3)

* If you have questions on voting, please ask BYS at ASK.FM/BYSFANSITE *


  1. Thank you! Lets give B.A.P tons of awards!

  2. When buying the Albums directly In TOWER RECORDS JP is it counted in HANTEO CHART ???
    Just asking <3 151108 AM JP

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  4. Will it be more effective if I use google Incognito mode to view their MV since the pages view in incognito tabs won’t stick around in browser’s history, cookie store, or search history after I’ve closed all of the tabs. We can reduce the time to clear up the cookies like what we usually do.

    1. This is true! We will add this in, thank you~!

  5. What about buying their merchandise online for he international BABYZ?

  6. I can never make the id work in Melon, there isn't a ID verify button. In MBC plus I can't even type my ID in...along with my username. -sigh- I want B.A.P to win T.T