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At a place where you can see a rice paddy and a field, during a holiday, a small and stubborn kid would pester for fireworks. That night what he pursued happened, before we know it, the number of younger siblings increased and definitely these kids would look at my height wanting to have a horse ride.Also able to have a serious conversation with the adults. 

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I'm doing this at dawn 
I need to sleep 
I need to peel off gam(not sure what he means) 
Good night

I'm the same... when I listen to music and see you dance you have improved a lot.. a little because of me... is it not? Its because of Chris brown... I heard jealousy is not a good thing it is so different from the dance I saw for the fist time... I want that resilience.. I just want his butt.

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Reporter Daehyun comeback


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This is the great song

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Sorry for making a heart with my legs, sleep well

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I am currently challenging an extreme job!! I strongly recommend this game!

Its raining outside. Remember to bring and umbrella out. #pouring

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We are just neighbors

I miss you

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Yongguk RT'd this tweet


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A pic with Sooueng

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 The puppy that made me smile whenever

 "water is the most precious thing here" This nomadic bedouin family is only using 200L of water a day. This is 8% of Korea's consumption of water

 The first album our maknae came out with after he took off his diapers and got into adulthood is good. hurry and go listen to it #dindin#interestingdindin #dindin #listentoit

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  1. as babyz i also missed you a lot,B.A.P babyboyz! :') actually i'm trying and planning to buy your japanese cd version of Excuse Me cd with dvd if it's included all in one. because it is very expensive here if they get to sell it here at my local kpop shop. sometimes the japanese cds and dvds here will double it price. that is why i have to think first before i buy. even other japanese version of Warrior and many more from B.A.P song tracks. so~good luck for me to get one first!^ ^'/ p.s. can't wait for your comeback new songs/musics,B.A.P! ;)