Instagram Update by Daehyun & Yongguk

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Have a pleasant chuseok ㅎㅎ #baby #stealingphoto #everyonedonotusesuchphotos #sad

Have a pleasant Korean Thanksgiving Day

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A night filled with mixed emotions #CHUSEOK

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Reporter Daehyun comeback
If the video is not working you can try to watch it HERE
Ein von DaeHyun (@dh_jung_bap) gepostetes Video am

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This is the great song

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It's raining outside. Remember to bring an umbrella out. #pouring

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#tommiecopper #tommiecopper #FunctionalClothing


#DIA #Eunice #BusanLoyalty #Fighting I do support!

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He deleted these photos

We are just neighbors

 I miss you

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It's been a long time, with Sungwon hyung

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A picture with Sooeung

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The puppy that made me smile whenever

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