Twitter Update by Daehyun and Himchan

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Babys that I love
It has been a long time right, are you doing well?
Even the heat is gone
I miss you a lot
I love you even more

Fan: You you you you you you 

Fan: @BAP_Daehyun Greedy person... You should only make one yoursㅡㅡ For example me me or me..

Fan: Thankyou I miss you~~~

 Fan: @BAP_Daehyun Its good to have a friend you can trust 
DH: Eyyy~~~ Really?
Fan: I will live to be oppa's forever
 I won't meet any other person from the opposite sex if they're not you
DH: Even if I die, you won't let go of me too

Fan: @BAP_Daehyun Oppa I miss youㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ Do you have any thoughts of uploading a selca...?
DH: @hcsm0102 There, even though its a little old picture ㅎㅎ

Everyone don't worry, alcohol what alcohol~ I'm doing this because I miss you guys. Everyone. Have a great day~!

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 The eyes are weird

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  I am currently watching 'Agora: From democracy to a market'

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What else should I make it fun?

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Face is burnt

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Yongguk RT'd the tweets

It was something that happened way before I was born but though books and movies I saw how the people were having so much pain. I want to give my thank you and respect for those brave people who fought for our 70th nation liberation day even when it was painful.

Today is the 70th National Liberation Day. I thank your 70 years and feel proud to be a citizen of Korea. I respect and thank you.

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He deleted this tweet 

Arrived at home and had fun.

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First of all, I'd like to thank all the fans who cared, loved and waited for B.A.P. Instead of saying too many words, the 6 of us will repay you with the stages and them music that we prepare in the future. Once more, we will become B.A.P who will devote themselves into turning your expectations in to cheers.

Thank you

To those who always stood besides us during the hard times, I'd like to tell you that I'm thankful, I love you and I respect you. The 6 of us are always together. Now we all are waiting for the day that we'll meet and smile together. Please take care of us and be with us.

Thank you, together forever..! Also I really miss you so much

Also, you went through a lot. From now on..let's smile together!

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Top: In the future, there will only be good days ^^!

Middle: Because of people, everyone got hurt, I've read well the article.

Bottom: [ From ending promotions to come back...B.A.P 280 days of defiance ended] Reporter nim, the members are not with me right now so I'm writing this on my own and uploading it. I'm sorry but reporter nim, I don't want to live hard anymore, but after looking at this article, its really making my heart break again

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Ah as expected it is good. Thank you for the present! Things like this, we should use together #SK2 #PiteraEssence #MustNotMissIt #Himujjang @bap_himchan #youngchaei yjayo #LifeItem #Receive it!

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  1. BABYz will always by your side. Proud to be a BABY, proud of my boys, proud of my fandom.
    Thank you for translate ^^

  2. Bang hasn't forgotten what he said in 2012 "BAP will turn your expectation in to cheers" I love you BAP T.T. I have been waiting patiently. I will continue to wait till you make Kpop enjoyable for me. I will wait till you make Babyz and warriors lives happy again.

  3. yes. thank you B.A.P & babys and also thank you TSent crews,music producers,hairstylists,photographers,assistant CEO,B.A.P labelmates,friends ,teachers,relatives and families who had been good to each other. and last but not the least the CEO himself. lol,sorry that i forgot!^ ^' love you all! p.s. ChallaBros. i love you all too!! keep on creating/designing your matoki mascots for B.A.P and also for Sonamoo!^ <)v ~psst! how i wish there will be a Challa Bros. X Hello Kitty collaboration one day!♡ ok~peace to everyone!^ ^v

    1. because i'm a big Hello Kitty fan,that is why i said so!^ ^v