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Today's D-Day anticipate it

Ice cream when it's hot

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Everyone be careful of the rain #youddrewwell #thankyou #whoisme #becarefuloflighting #becarefuloftherain #fun

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Level up my level master
Chatting room~

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1. Ar! There'll the selca soon. ^.^ Being good?
2. Thank you and respect.

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The rain is here and I don't want to go out and I lost my mind ~_~

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I love B.A.P

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Zelo: You like this kind of dance? This is the first time listening to this song you are making me shy

Fan: I wanted learn to dance when I saw your dance you did well I envy you

Zelo: Hi

Fan: Oppa say hello to Arab fans.. if you just say hi I will be very please

Zelo: I love you

Fan: Do you know your Tukey fans? Please know us we are very proud of you

Zelo: Sluggy) it would look different if I were dressed differently..

Fan: Uhh junhong our bodies are similar but out height is different

Zelo: Our bodies are made the same way

Fan: Whoa you are so good at dancing!!! Is your body formed differnt way than mine is?? I can't dance

Zelo: I will accomplish your goal for you

Fan: I hope you leave a reply to this

My dream...

Zelo: That's the edited one 

Fan: I understood what you said but did you dance after DongJae? Not Jongup? Hehe I was wondering because I was translating and saw you weren't in order.

-Note- He deleted this tweet

Zelo:  I'm outside right now

Fan: Look outside your window Shiraz dress long straight hair and feet that are not touching the floor. That woman is me good night

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Hyung let's jam "scissors paper stone" 1. DongJae Hyung 2. Jongup Hyung 3.byzelo

Watch DongJae Hyung get hit by a bottle
Another turn watch DongJae hyung again
Suddenly Jongup's amazing b-boying "cool" "flustered..."
Ending: Reconcile with DongJae Hyung

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I want to dance.

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I want to practice.

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  1. here's me + all babys hoping & wishing for B.A.P's comeback! ;')

  2. oh,and baby zelo~i really love that Teen Top's new song called "ah-ah" it's very nice! one of their group member Niel is very good at singing too! :D his dance reminds me of michael jackson a bit. even Niel's hairstyle and looks too..i think!^ ^ p.s. still loving Boys Republic's new song called Hello which reminds me of that song title performed by Nu'Est called Yeoboseo which means Hello,also!^ ^' i like them too. i mean,Boys Republic. ;) so~iKon is about to debut!\^ ^/ ~yaayss!!X) lol,they are like my 2nd B.A.P to me!^ ^ because they were so playful just like B.A.P like once they did before during their time of debut! :') oh,and Speed is coming back on stage too,right? i didn't remember the song during their stage on Music Bank last week i think,so~was it nice?^ ^' haha~don't mind me i'm just asking myself!xP lol anyways~heehee..oh,yeah..Seventeen - another big or shall i say large boygroup with many members in it just like Topp Dogg!^ ^' i don't know if i like their song though but i think they are okay. i bet you all already knew that i also begins to like two of the other new boygroups besides iKon and they are Madtown & Monsta X. ;)
    what else to talk about again before i go..^ ^' oh,yeah~i'm about to like that k-drama of Hello Monster on kbs tv channel. wOw~it's like watching Hannibal(which i still hate it though where i used to watch the movie once before and that was many years ago,lol but never the tv series!)X\ and Fallen Skies ohmygod~the tv airplay/time shown is exactly shown also during Hello Monster!!/@_@\ ~~AARRGGHHHH!!!!!X'( and there's this Animax's new anime shown during that time too like what the..!?!?X0 i can't squeeze all in once at a time!!TTATT - cries - lol but it's okay. i'll try my best to catch the encore or the repeats. ;) but sometimes when i feel so sleepy i cannot even catch the replays of them!x'( oh~well,taking of my health is more important than that and that is why i need plenty of rest & sleep that too if i'm not on the internet!^ ^'\ but going online or internet is ok because i can stop if i wanted to unlike tv series,dramas,tv anime which i need to catch every of their next episodes!^ ^' xD ok. i'm done,now. so,bye for now. do take care,guys especially to my fammies(family)& people - B.A.P + babys!! ;) remember that i'll always love you guys,no matter what!^ ^/ so,be good to yourselves & toward others/other people,ok? ;) ok,bye once again!^ ^/ hasta la vista,baby!!^ ^'/ p.s. i wanted to watch Terminator new movie so badly but i can't because of busy,tired & so on!^ ^/ ok,ok~bye!!^ ^/

  3. Dear B.A.P forgive & forget about the past already. what past is past. if TSent CEO gives you a second chance take it if it was good. you boys are very smart boys,right? you know what is good and what is not,right? stay modest or humble. ignore other people who keep on saying what you did is wrong. just remember this,the one who will gives you job and income although not that much is not the haters,ok? so think about it. you know you boys are more wiser than a lot of unthinkable or unthoughtful people! ;) so,good luck with your future career,B.A.P! hwaiting! may your real/genuine fans support you no matter what!^ ^/ saranghae~B.A.P!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. hmm..i dunno why i cannot gives my comment at the latest twitter post just now and still. must be my phone is lagging on me again. sigh. anyways~is Ellie really baby Zelo eldest sister but not his cousin?? because i thought i've seen her before and mentioned her as his cousin which is like an older sister to baby Zelo. anyway,again~yaayyss,iKon will debut on sept.15th next month!X3 i hope YG pd-nim mark his word though. you know why i said before that iKon is like my 2nd B.A.P? in case i forgot to mention one more thing about iKon which our B.A.P babyboyz had is one or if not two of the members' own awkwardness!^ ^' xD you know like Daehyunie-oppa is so awkward to BYG-appa before and so is BYG-appa to our Dae-oppa!^ ^' lol & iKon have that one too in them!xD but if to compare to BTS boys - nahhh~i don't think so. they might be very funny and playful but not all of them were acting awkward to each other. the same as to Got7 too!^ ^ but Got7 is somehow,sometimes is the shy typed kind of boygroup too when it comes to camera rolling!xP lol oh,before i forgot..happy 10th anniversary to Super Junior or SuJu!\^ ^/ ~yaayyss!!x)) although i'm not a fan of them i'm still happy for them! ;) now,that what you called a legend for a decade already that includes along with Shinhwa,JYJ & TVXQ. now,awaiting for Shinee by the next other time!^ ^ hope they will last & not disband. ;) how i want B.A.P to stay like that too. look at Shinhwa still going on strong but they don't have so many concert tours to go & still can managed to survive although with not that much of a higher payment for their salary or income. they stay modest/humble to the end. now,how i wish B.A.P will stay strong as Shinhwa. forget of winning many awards. Shinhwa did not won many awards as you know as like you know who. if only B.A.P stay strong the way Shinhwa did,sure B.A.P can do it too. just don't take negative words from other people. because the one who do the job & got paid is not them but you,B.A.P. araso? so,please be strong,ok?^ ^/ to babys,if you are really sincere & don't complained a lot please give a loving support to our boys because they still need us all. stop giving them a hard time already,ok?
    so before i go,ok this is out of the topic here,lol. i love that new kbs' drama called Assembly. i don't really love politics but the story is so deep i want to find out more how it will end!^ ^' oh,how i love Sonamoo's Cushion song so much!♡ still loving that Hello Monster drama from kbs. i want to like & like to watch Orange Marmalade drama bcuz of AOA's Seolhyun was there but since that i hate that kind of story i better skipped! i even skipped the kbs drama on School 2015 because i found the script is so tad,boring. but then again there is an actor Sungjae from BTOB still i don't feel like watching it because i feel so sleepy to watch it bcuz of the plot!^ ^' ~psst! but the girl actress Kim Seohyun is so pretty there,to be quite honest!^ ^ there are so many idol boygroups coming back,huh? even my niece favorites like Beast,B1A4,Infinite & Teen Top were also coming back on stage! :D congratulation to the winners of my niece faves too!\^ ^/ what else to talk about before i go. i think that's all it. once again to our beloved boys B.A.P - welcome back,sweethearts!!\^ ^/ p.s. can't wait to see chances for B.A.P + iKon + Bangtan boys + Got7 plus many,many more of "my favorites only" lol for them to interact with each other!xD i'm crying with laughter right now like i can't believe that B.A.P is fimally back! :') thank you to Lord above. i really mean it. ok. byes for now. p.s is it true that Secret is going to break up? whatever they do,good luck to them. :\