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-Note: He deleted this tweet


Sorry to everyone! In the future, I'll make sure to think things over more carefully heuheu Whatever they're talking about, the thing in common is that they're thinking of me~! I'm always grateful and again thank you very much!! From now on, I'll become a better Daehyun, thank you very much!! baby!!

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 I will proceed it soon at 6:28 through USTREAM . The channel name is daehyunbaby I'll see you soon hehe

This is so wrong really keke

Happy birthday Daehyun
This hyung loves you
Let's walk together for a long time
I love you again

Happy birthday Daehyun
This hyung loves you
Let's walk together for a long time
I love you again

 Hyung I love you too, you're my one and only hyung 💕 Kim Himchan, the best!!!!

 Should we chat?

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Damchu, the thing I should do for you now is HBD (T/N: Shorted way of saying Happy Birthday)

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I'm greatful, thank you very much, I'm so happy!

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Fan: Daehyun oppa happy birthday! I'm your Tunisian fan. I like you so much. Tunisian BABYS are waiting for B.A.P. Always stay strong and be healthy. Oppa, I love you. :)

DH: Let's stay together forever!!

Fan: HappyBirthDAE 2 An advertisement for Daehyun's birthday has been posted on Busan subway line 2. It's scheduled to be posted till the 25th of July, so let's congratulate together Daehyun's birthday @ BAP_Daehyun let's stay together forever.

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 Thank you baby

Wow it's Daehyun Daehyun Daehyun 

So cool

@natarajahak the birthday even for Daehyun thay was told at last Busan event was on today

Thank you

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Feeling regret if the door is closed?? *Phew*

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#MissingYou #Very#BABY#MyLove

#touraroundthesceneryofallpartsofKorea #LOVEKOREA #MERSGettingAway #Freedom #Hashtag #Yuck

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I am planning to have a live music talk show through USTREAM on JUN 28th~ And I will tell you the specific details later!

Boring Saturday lulululu

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Ahhh I regret that I couldn't go. But thank you so much keuk (haha)

take thisssss


Have a nice day!

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Long time no see hehe

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Just posted a photo

  I will not change even if I lose everything. Also I am confident with you guys at my back and I could fix my childish mind. The conclusion is that I love you my loves

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I want to reply one by one know right? My heart? Everyone. Be careful of MERS and I miss you!

Daehyun: Wait a little while more, will go soon

Fan: @ BAP_Daehyun Daehyunnie Germany Babys really miss you ~~ Oppa Jiang Jiang Jiang

Daehyun: Thank You

@BAP_Daehyun Daehyun ah have you eaten your dinner?? Do remember to eat your meals and be careful of your health <3
I miss you a lot too today

Daehyun: Thank You <3

Fan: @BAP_Daehyun Daehyunnie ~ I'm a Japan BABY 
I will keep waiting for you to come back
Hope to meet you soon :( <3
I love you :( <3

Daehyun: It is enough just being there Thank you

Fan: We aren't able to do anything :(  sorry :( @BAP_Daehyun 

Daehyun: Me too...

Fan: @BAP_Daehyun Daehyunnie~~~ I miss you

Daehyun: wow....

Fan: @bap_daehyun poster in the subway in Busan <3 #Busan #DaeHanMinGuk #BAP #daehyun #daehyun

Daehyun: wow

Fan: Vibration Bell Advertisement Notice --->
Group Videos will be first released on the 19th onwards. ^^

6/19 - 6/25 TomTom Garosugil Store,
6/26 - 7/2 TomTom Hongdae Store, Twosome Apju Line 1 Store all do come and see the members including Daehyunnie _ <3 @ BAP_Daehyun

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Sleep well! Good Night!

DH: I love you (You get my love, too.)

Fan: I love you, too

DH: Ha! I love you, too

Fan: Daehyun Oppa, I love you! <3

 DH: Fighting! Right!

Fan: Ah! You are so handsome. ^^ Daehyunnie <3 Thank you for your update tonight.We do strengthen up together. Please stay healthy and be in the fortune. ^^ Fighting!

DH: Good Night

Fan: I just woke up. Hoho. Good night Daehyun!

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Kimbum has a cracked phone
Where did Chet Jin go?

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1. Let's understand the adults who teach cowardly morals. They rationalize it by saying that's the kind of place society is but let's respect what they had to endure and to protect the weight of life.

2. But let's not follow them. But let's think of it as perhaps the nobility the adults protected was for the consciousness of my proud sons and daughters to speak of justice more strongly and fairly.

3.Let's be the people to speak of real, not cowardly morals to the adults

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 Come. Come. Let's play.

I want to go, too.

 We are [very happy / in the happiness / in the fortune]

 You can't be without me. kkkkkk

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It's really noisy with some stuff nowadays but out of all I am worried about you always wash your hands and feet promise

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Debtor is not a debtor because of money. I'll come back to you and give it all back to you

Be careful! ( T/N: The video is talking about MERS)

Who might the last man be

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I'm going to rest for a little. yawn?

 Jongup: hyungs becareful I got stronger
Himchan:should we post this on insta?

Daehyun: I might actually post it

Himchan: screenshot it and post it

 I'm going to rest for a little

kekekekekekekekeke you really uploaded it

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  1. Jongupieeeee~~♡♡♡♡♡♡ *cries* where were you all this time,huh?? :'( i really missed you,!!xP lol sorry if i called you bbabo..but i really really missed you my dear. i hate that when you did not appeared for a very long time,you know that! :'( but i'm glad to know that you and the rest of your B.A.P hyungs and dongsaeng were okay. ok,take care sweetie~love you & B.A.P!! please remember that babys still love you all B.A.P members and we all still remember you guys!! ~hwaiting!(>.<)/

  2. yoyoyo~B.A.P!! wassup,wassup!^ ^/ love you all so much!!♡♡♡♡♡♡ ok~byes!^ ^/

  3. poor B.A.P boys because the lawsuit trial is on delayed again. damn,that no good CEO! who does he think he is messing with! >:(

  4. sigh. i hope B.A.P got their job back as soon as possible. it is so sad to see them doing like this doing nothing,unemployed or out of job/jobless and taking pictures but it's okay to see they were doing fine. well..they did the gig before but not as a whole group. no wonder oppa-Dae is sad. ohh,B.A.P how i wish i can comfort you boys but still i can't. i'm just a fan who only gives a support from far. if i'm that rich and owned a record label music company i will let B.A.P do whatever they want to do for themselves and the money they earned are rights to their belonging. anyways,meanwhile i'm trying to follow these two new current kbs drama i'm catching on like The Man in the Mask & The producers although i do sometimes skipped many of the parts because i was so tired to catch up and such. sometimes my eyes cannot keep awake for almost 1hr if i got tired or sleepy. but i pove the dramas though. other kbs new dramas i did not watch because it is not my favorite. sorry. and i still watch Superman returns. love taewoong's oppa daughter jion and her parents! :) what else? that's all it,i think. oh yeah and music bank. and that is all to it. and kbs,would you please stop being so biased when you try to bring that boring 9 members only left of that boygroup which i don't like bringing to your varitey shows! i don't want to mention because i hate it! one of their immature fan burned big bang's taeyang picture out and made all the public to see which she did that on purpose and did not set it on private and it had caused a stir. how nice of her to do that! yeah,well done to that attention seeker! many people who hates what she did wants her boygroup to be banned a.s.a.p! and to babys please don't get involved onto this matter because it is not worth your time. it is okay to defend our B.A.P boys and your other favorites but don't join the fanwars,araso? stay away from those immature fans of you know who. it's been a buzz and a hot topic lately. seriously,i feel like i wanted to punch her face right now! she's so rude towards that senior boygroup and i feel sorry for the fans though. hehe,sorry for my harsh words and my bad behaviour!^ ^' because i'm not in a good mood when other people favorites been bashed just like that. ok,i'm outta here! bye~for now! do take care B.A.P & babys!! stay strong & be positive!! forget all those immature bullies/haters and continue with your good,normal lifes out there! ;) peace!(^ <)v ~i love you all!^ ^/

  5. hey~happy birthday our Daehyunie-oppa!!!!!!!!\^ ^/ love you so,so much!!!! and may your good wishes come true!! and also love B.A.P & babys too so,so much!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ be strong everyone!!!!!></

  6. awww~Daehyun-oppa,please don't be sad of what you've said but yes it is good you have apologized to your B.A.P hyungs & dongsaengs so not to think that you are selfish. i know that you and your other B.A.P hyungs & dongsaengs were really frustrated lately without your job back but at least please be very patient just a little bit or make it little longer for awhile because everything does not comes very easy for you boys to start your career back again. but remember this,just don't lose hope,help others in need while you're out of job at the moment,mind your manners & etiquette or attitude or behaviour because who knows one day there is a music producer who owned a studio wanting to bring you B.A.P boys as part or under the owner's record company label. be modest/humble in life like you boys used to. and do not try to complain about the income or the salary that let say one day the new company who is about to hire you. please don't complain of not been able to pay high(i mean,demanding for a much higher payment unless like how your former TSent did forced you boys to work like non-stop then yes,you need to be pay a little more to that). so,be wise. ok? at the moment,try to calm down find a way. because you are almost there but still not there yet. please take this advice. because babys still love you,B.A.P boys. be strong & stay strong. please keep on going strong. and take care of yourself and your welfare or your health wherever you boys go. love you,B.A.P + babys!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. *yourselves(correction! as in plural!xP)xD ^ ^' p.s. still loving that beautiful song called The Light by The Ark. it is like trying to give hope while you are lost and still stucked and left out in the dark. even an FM song sung by Crayon Pop(one of my favorite girlgroup)also i'm loving it! :) oh,and Kara's Cupid & also Heart Attack by AOA too!^ ^/ can't wait for Sonamoo to come back. and who knows Secret too! oh,ad not to forget i also love Sleepy's latedt song during kbs' music bank which i forgot what the title is all about and also loving The Untouchable new song too during it was aired on kbs' music bank. ;)
      and ~psst!! do you all know that i'm about to support Monsta-X?^ ^' i saw their first cd album and it contents 9 song tracks i think but not sure if i want to buy yet though. but who knows!^ ^'/
      p.s. somehow i feel like when i saw the cover it looks a little bit similar to B.A.P's One Shot or if not Bangtan Boys' No More Dream first mini cd album. not sure but still feel like a clash/mixed between B.A.P + BTS boys though!^ ^'\ oh,andbefore i go..hehe~Daesung from Big Bang somehow reminds me of our baby Jongupie!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡ lol,he's a funny guy just like our baby jongupie oppa!x) even Jion too from The Return of Superman!^ ^' i cannot help it but she looks like jongupie as a girl version also!X3 she's so cute & pretty smart too but she needs to talk. a lot if possible. ;) all The Return of Superman fathers & their wives & children - i love them all! but mostly Song Ilkook-oppa & Uhm Taewoong-oppa respectively. i like Sarang's dad too,he's getting good now at taking care of his own kids,etc. good for him. and lastbut not the least,Hwijae-oppa. you are your best too in taking care of your kids. probably you all the Superman's appa(s)are probably much more better in babysitting than me!^ ^' i learn it from you,oppas! kamsahamnida/thank you so,very much! because i learn the hardship from you,my big brothers!^ ^/ and thank you kbs for showing this good & healthy and sort of a learning program too teaching people how to treat their kids in a good way. i appreciated it/the show. ~phew! that was a very long chat!^ ^' ok,sorry once again! i'm done now. ~bye! again i love you B.A.P & babys so,so much!!!! do take care!(^ <)v ~peace out!♡