#JusticeForBAP Trending Project

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We will be trending #JusticeForBAP on Mar 15th 12 PM KST to the end of the 16th (first hearing)  

We hope that many fans and fan bases will help to achieve this goal:

It’s been over a month since B.A.P filed their lawsuit against TS Entertainment, and we want to ensure that the world knows Babyz HAVE NOT forgotten, forgiven, or left B.A.P's side.

We will trend #JusticeForBAP on Twitter on the days leading up to the day of B.A.P’s first argument as well as after, to show the world, and TS, that we will not rest until we see B.A.P get what they deserve.

When trending, please include facts and/or links to articles about their lawsuit so that others can be informed as well. 

You can use THIS page to find a PPT with all the information about the lawsuit, and HERE is a master post of each article (Korean and its translation) that you may refer to when trending.

We not only want to spread awareness, but actually work towards letting TS know that they cannot hide from this, and that Babyz have more power than they think.

Babyz, let's work hard on this project and get #JusticeForBAP trending World Wide!

Thank you.

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