B.A.P won all 3 nominated categories in Remarkable Awards 2014!

Posted by Sammy @ BAPYESSIR.COM


B.A.P won all the categories they were nominated for!

Best Male Group
Best Album
Song of the Year

Congratulations German Babyz and B.A.P! ^_^


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- Simply select B.A.P for all categories, and hit "Absenden" to submit your vote.

- You can only vote once!

- Only votes from German Babyz will count!

- Voting ends on Nov. 16

Good Luck Babyz ^_^

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  1. Nov. 16, 2015????

  2. congratulation B.A.P! and thank you so much babys G a.k.a. german babys for making our boys happy although with this kind of situation they are facing in. once again,thank you! ;')