#MerryChristmasBAP Trended Worldwide! Congratulations Babyz! ♡

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Let's all celebrate the holidays, and hope B.A.P are resting and joyful for Christmas. This little act of unity will help show the world how strong Babyz are, and that we are capable of anything.

Merry Christmas Babyz, Merry Christmas B.A.P!
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  1. merry xmas to all who celebrates them and hopefully to have a happy and a good new year up ahead! :)

  2. i almost forgot! but merry christmas to our babyboyz B.A.P with their family,relatives & friends. sorry!^ ^' anyways,late last nite i've been listening to Speed - white love (watching the old & the one original mv on youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIi5RgBPDXk & Linkin Park - my december http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqgAAqCqiBI (audio & lyrics only although i got the copied cd) t/n: Speed is a girlgroup of 4 ppl and a former j-pop girlgroup in the 90's. i know there is Speed from a kpop boygroup so~ hehe and that linkin park old sing is an unreleased song,i think but there are a few more if not some unreleased songs yet to explore but i forgot some of them. so~do enjoy! p.s. better be hurry if you want to see the mv before getting banned!^ ^' those both songs i would like dedicated to you all around the world. doesn't matter what religious you are or not. both their lyrics are so touching and yet so meaningful. both songs are great songs for all just all to move on with life and finding strength. ok,i'm outta here! haha,peace!^ ^'v 2nd p.s. and thank you Sammy-admin for that B.A.P fanart that you've shared it here for all the babys nation to view them plus other ppl who've seen it! ;) that person that you credited ask-moonjongup had already changed her tumblr's name!xD and i didnt know that! been a long time since i left it for not checking it all out! hehe,sorry!^ ^' like wow,i'm really loving this! http://jinscloud.tumblr.com/tagged/fanart/ - thanks once again!^ ^ love that jinscloud babe too!♡ and also so far i've also been following & joining some communities at google+ such like B.A.P,bangtan boys,got7,cosplay,health communities and more!^ ^' i got so bored easily and that's the reason why!xD here, http://plus.google.com/ *makesure you got your account ready or else you've to registered!^ ^' i rarely play my 3DS game now on my 3DSXL,dunno why!^ ^' phew~i sure talk a lot!xP lol ok,byeees!!!!!!

    1. lol,oop. i forgot that linkin park's song of my december does not have the lyrics in it from that youtube there!xP hehe my bad!^ ^' if you want that linkin park's my december lyrics you can try and google them. but keep in mind that not all lyrics are accurate or correct!xD haha i've already seen some of the mistakes they made though!^ ^' lol