#ThankYouBAP trended #1 Worldwide and in 7 countries! Well done Babyz! ♡

Shared by Sammy @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Babyz, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

#ThankYouBAP trended in:

#1 Worldwide
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Shared by Cece @BAPYESSIR.COM

Let's trend #/ThankYouBAP on December 31 to January 1

We should show B.A.P how thankful we are!



  1. Yes Sir gonna do that..and I'm gonna tell all my FB friends who love BAP to do it too.. Spread the love yo :)

  2. yup. we should. i even posted my love sometimes mostly on giving comments and posting picture images of our well-beloved and well-behaved boyz at google+ p.s. i even got my own post(like a tumblr)sharing picture images which i got and saved them and somehow got them credited from the internet right from google+ but i "shared privately" and not put it as "publicly" shown right there bcuz 1)i'm kinda shy person lol and mostly this 2)afraid people do not like what i did there what i mean is what i posted there. *mostly nothing offensive tho but part of my hobbies/favorites i love to shared but only privately there* and also posting songs/musics i like or love most! :)

  3. thank you international babyz! you ALL are the best fandom to me and mostly to B.A.P! ;)

  4. oh and not to forget also that korean babyz too are also best,ok! ;)

  5. Thanks for all the support guys :D BABYs and BAP fighting! ^^

    1. no probs! its our job so why not!^ ^ and our thanks to you guys/admins too for asking them/babys in favor to makesure that we will get it trending worldwide! ;)

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