TUTORIAL: How to Join/Navigate on B.A.P's New Fancafe [UPDATED]

Shared by Sammy @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Translation available in: Italian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Filipino, Polish, German, French, Indonesian, Turkish 

On this tutorial, you will find how to: 
  1. Join Naver
  2. Join the Cafe
  3. Level Up
  4. Navigate on the Cafe
  5. Use the Chatroom when B.A.P's online
  6. Post on the Cafe and Delete a Post
  7. Upload/Change your Profile
There's also the FANCAFE RULES at the end of the tutorial (MUST READ), as well as a message from Cafe's manager BIRD. 

If you have any question concerning the fancafe, you can either ask for help directly on the Cafe in the Q&A section OR BYS via ASK.FM or EMAIL (bysfansite@gmail.com



1. Join NAVER
  • English version available HERE
  • Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy; check all the case and click "Agree"
  • And enter your personal informations including nickname, password, name, email, etc.
  • You will also need to verify your account: enter your phone number and Naver will send a 6 digit code to your phone. Enter it in the last case and click "Confirm" - As soon as the "Verification is success" appears, click "Sign Up" 
Please try with a different phone number. We know many people experience the same problem at the moment, but since we are not experts of Naver's system, we can't help much. 

2. Join Fancafe
  • Follow the instructions on image: 

There's now 3 questions that you need to answer when joining the fancafe:

아래는 카페의 원활한 운영을 위한 필요한 질문입니다. 정성껏 작성해 주세요. 질문 
1 : BAP가 팬분들과의 소통을 위해 만든 소중한 카페입니다. 응원하는 누구나 환영하고 한분한분 소중하기 때문에 질문 
2 : 따로 가입질문도, 등업에 구애받지도 않도록 노력했습니다. 따뜻한 마음으로 찾아와주세요. 질문 
3 : 이 공간에 피해를 줄 시엔 경고는 없습니다.

Just simply copy and paste the question into the answer field and that's all! 
These are just statement that you need to understand before joining the cafe; basically that the fancafe is a really special place because it was created BY the members to communicate with their fans.
  • Then click on the button below the page and you're done!!! 
  • This is the confirmation that you have joined the fancafe ^3^ As for now, there are no restrictions and you can access to all the boards :) 

Tutorial © Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM


1. How to Level Up
No need to make a tutorial for this... you just simply need to comment on a topic to upgrade your level on the fancafe! Naver is NOT like Daum; you don't need to ASK an admin to change your level ^3^

© krazyk 

2. Navigation

© Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM | thebapfeels

3. How to Use Chatroom (Only when B.A.P is online)


A new page will open and then:

© Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM | thebapfeels


First of all: Download the Naver Cafe app available on GooglePlay and AppStore. 
Open the app, login with your Naver ID and password and then follow the instructions below:


    4. How to Post on Cafe or Delete your Post

    ON PC

    *do not upload mp3 files (especially bap's music) because of copy write*
    • info - > 책DB=book , 영화DB=movie , 드라마DB=drama , 음악DB=music , 상품DB=products , 인물DB=person , 날씨DB=weather , 지식백과 DB=encyclopedia

    • Search for "Cafe Naver" or download app from Play Store Here | App Store Here

    •  Log in using your Naver account, then:

    •  Pick a category to post in:

    Tutorial © Sammy @ BAPYESSIR.COM | 플랙

    5. How to Upload and Change your Profile
    To Upload a Profile Picture: 
    • When the pop-up comes up, scroll down to bottom section and click what's in red:
    • Another page will come up:

    To Change a Profile Picture: 
    • Simply follow the above steps, but enter a new picture this time!
    Tutorial © Sammy @ BAPYESSIR.COM

    6. How to receive notifications when a B.A.P member post on the Cafe

    ON APP
    ON PC
    You can also subscribe to the members, by clicking on their name and then selecting "구독하기" which means subscribe, so you can when they post on the Cafe.
    Click Here to go to your Naver Timeline so you can see notifications from the boys. Make sure to do this on the app too!

    Tutorial © Mika @ BAPYESSIR.COM 

    * VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to upload pictures/videos on a post you are writing

    See this amazing and cute video from a very kind BABY! 


    Lastly, please take a look of the fancafe's rules, posted by BIRD (fancafe's manager) and translated by gimmebaprn

    1. Title of the post
      1. Must relate with the subject matter of the post
      2. Changing the size, boldness, and color is prohibited
      3. Must be less than a line (single line)
    2. Contents of the post: If these rules are broken, your post will be automatically returned without any notice  
      1. Honorific is a must
        1. If younger than the members: ~ oppa, ~ hyung
        2. If older, or at the same age as the members: please keep your manners
      2. All conversational posts that are unrelated to B.A.P are prohibited
        1. Example of a prohibited post) Title - I ate ramen today and it was disgusting, Content - Shin ramen is the best
      3. Members’ personal lives, criticism, exposal of personal info, false info, and rumors are prohibited
      4. Feminization of members, couplings (OTP), inappropriate/sexual posts, and excessive funny pictures/screenshots are prohibited
        1. Any posts, images, and nicknames breaking the rule are prohibited
      5. Advertising, promoting, commercializing, and spamming is prohibited
        1. Includes personal fansite/fanbase, groups, etc.
      6. Exchanging money/goods is prohibited
        1. Producing/selling, exchanging, and substitutional payment is prohibited within this cafe
      7. Must keep a conversation within a post. Do not move on to another post.
      8. Sharing personal contact information is prohibited
        1. Please use 1:1 chatting system when sharing your phone number, Twitter username, Kakaotalk ID, etc.
      9. Mentioning/insulting other celebrities is prohibited
      10. Posts that are excessively personal and conversational (amity) are prohibited
        1. Pointing out a certain minority is prohibited (ex. nickname, site/base, group, etc.)
        2. Testing your personal popularity, inducing others to question you personally, and bringing the mood of the cafe down is prohibited
        3. Other people must not feel left out by these excessively personal and conversational posts
      11. Personal pictures, other than those of B.A.P, are prohibited
        1. Selfie, food, scenery, etc.
    3. Comments: If these rules are broken, your comment will be automatically returned without any notice   
      1. Swears, inappropriate language, starting a fight, causing an issue is prohibited
      2. Please use ‘secret’ comment or message each other individually for an exchange of personal info.
      3. Producing/selling, exchanging, and substitutional payment is prohibited
      4. Feminization of members, couplings (OTP), inappropriate/sexual comments are prohibited
    4. Chatting room
      1. Swears/slangs are prohibited
      2. Members’ personal lives, exposal of personal info, false info, and rumors are prohibited
      3. Advertising, promoting, and exchanging money/goods is prohibited
        1. Producing/selling, exchanging, and substitutional payment is prohibited
      4. Roleplaying is prohibited
      5. Mentioning/insulting other celebrities is prohibited
    5. Cafe activity
      1. Confusing nicknames are prohibited. It should not be similar to those of the members
        1. Nicknames mentioning/insulting other celebrities, with swears, and inappropriate/sexual nicknames are prohibited

    Personal message from BIRD:

    Thankfully, numerous fans have suggested and organized the rules. I am presenting these to you after proofreading them.

    First of all, sorry for being late. I've had many thoughts today.

    This cafe was made in a hurry without any organized plans by an artist who loves his fans and a friend who wants to help. We just wanted to communicate with you all.

    I am very thankful that so many of you became part of this but I honestly felt as if I were serving food to a customer at a disorganized restaurant. Also, because all I did was to help the members communicate with their fans, I didn't think that I had the right to make rules and regulate the cafe.

    But now, since there are thousands of fans that are part of this cafe and to prevent from ruining the main purpose of why B.A.P made the cafe, I am presenting this set of rules to you and I ask you very politely to follow them.

    I have one other request for you all. 

    This cafe is very special.

    It is made by the artists for their fans. You've probably never heard of such a thing.

    The Naver system reveals the ID of a person even if you make a nickname.

    The ID is basically the person's email address and you can chat individually, send personal messages, etc. 

    I understand that you want to show support in any possible ways, but I would appreciate if you use this cafe to express your love for the members. Please cooperate so that B.A.P can also become YOUR fans.

    There’s a lot more to work on and until the cafe is somewhat stable, I’ll take any suggestions and make changes. Because this cafe is managed by the members and I, our feedback may be late. 

    Also, I am very careful about recruiting staffs for the cafe. 
    I've made the reporting section (신고게시판) so please be with me when there are problems.

    Even if it’s hard, I’ll try my best.

    I hope my honesty was fully expressed through this post.

    #ForeverWithBAP #JusticeForBAP


    1. it says put phone # if u got kt,skt or tht 1 other carrier
      it wont let me sign up

    2. After I click on that grey button on bottom left there's nothing else. I'm on black page with music playing. That mean it's all good?

    3. I got in! I'm all good! Whoot! Now to figure out how to do my profile. Sigh.

      1. Me too :/ Idk how to read Korean do you knw if it can translate into english ?

      2. Same problem here~ :(

      3. Well if u open the site tru' google chrome, it will help u translate the whole page to english. But yeah sometimes the translations wont help a lot :(

      4. guys, I've just figured it out :) first, open the home page of the fan cafe, look for your account's name on the top right corner, click on it, you will see a small window that shows a blank space for profile picture with a small green camera icon on it, click on that icon, you will see a new window, on the right, there's that blank space again but this time, it has 2 white buttons with hangul on them, click on the longer one, it will let you choose your picture from the computer (a small tip: you can give a brief introduction in the blank space below you account's name as well ^^) and then click on the green button at the bottom and done! Yayyyy xD xD

    4. Fuerzas B.A.P (comentario desde Chile) Chile también loa apoya y estoy segura que todo el mundo está con ustedes!! #foreverwtihbap #justiceforbap #alwaysbaby

    5. No nickname is available at all! and trust me I have typed all sorts.

      1. me tooooo !! ;-; do you think we can find one ?? :'(

      2. I've the same problem TT ~

      3. Oh you're not supposed to use Upper-case letters i made the same mistake.
        Hope it works :)

      4. Me too and I didn't use upper-case letters, only letters and numbers.

      5. oh guys!! After choosing your nickname you're supposed to click the button next to it to check its availability! :D

      6. ive typed every variations to my name and other names i could think of, it still does not work :s

    6. How do you know when you're accepted? I signed up like 3 times and can't access anything. :(

    7. When I write my first name the page show me this " You can't use special letters" WHY? Can you help me?
      Please! Thank you :)


    9. hye, can i change that page into english? or is there any button in that page that allow me to do so? cuz i dont even know how to read hangul. its so hardd

    10. I already sign up in Naver and join the cafe and well,,, all the contains of the page are Hangul ..... -_-" Hangul is soo pretty hard -_-"

    11. i didn't receive any confirmation code T.T

      1. Check your spam/junk box! If it's not there, you may need to try again as you could have type your email incorrectly.

    12. Thanks to you, I'm in! But ugh, hanguls everywhere. I can only read that, level of understanding the meaning: big zero. Anyway thanks to this helpful tutorial!

    13. i want to join but bcuz my smartphone is pro at lagging-ness so..lol. not that i dont want to but it will be traffic(full)if to join but good luck anyways to all int'l babys for trying to access and get a chance to chat with our bbs "Babbo(s) And Princes[B.A.P]" if not all either one of the members over there! ;) hehe~ Babbo(s) And Princes..lol,i think i kinda like the-group-given-name-for-fun-for-the-boyz already!xD

    14. It would be amazing if they gave us options of nicknames that are a available. Im sure babys and warriors wouldnt mind if they cant keep their real names as long as we can join the fancafe. Ive tried everything for half an hour. *Sigh*

    15. Thank you! This is really helpful ��

    16. How do you know when you're accepted? I must answer to 3 questions & don't know the solution. I need help ;-;

    17. Thanks a lot for this! But I still can't join :( it's asking me to answer three questions (that aren't really questions I think) and I don't know what I'm supposed to type in there. Do you know what to do?

    18. So many rules, now i'm feeling so insecure to comment =/ I'll do my best being a good Baby for them!

    19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    20. I need help this shows before the screenshot u took help please
      "아래는 카페의 원활한 운영을 위한 필요한 질문입니다. 정성껏 작성해 주세요.

      질문 1  :bap가 팬분들과의 소통을 위해 만든 소중한 카페입니다. 응원하는 누구나 환영하고 한분한분 소중하기 때문에질문 2  :따로 가입질문도, 등업에 구애받지도 않도록 노력했습니다. 따뜻한 마음으로 찾아와주세요.질문 3  :이 공간에 피해를 줄 시엔 경고는 없습니다.

      1. They recently added this three question thing, and I can't read Korean, so please add that to the tutorial!

    21. HELP ME ...Im trying about 100 times .but still T8T

    22. don't have a cellphone so theres no way i can sign up right

    23. Hello,
      now there is questions to join the fancafe, could you help the fans with those. There are all in korean.

      Thank you

    24. To Aussie Babies who needs help signing up for Naver.
      Choose +61(cocos Kneeling Island) and when entering your number use 10 digits (eg. 04********)
      i tried this way and it worked.
      Luck Guys :)

    25. How do i know if bap are online? Is there any notification or something? ����

    26. I already have an account but it got suspended for some reason? I think it said something that my ID was illegal or inappropriate? my ID was just k_anan... Not sure why that would be illegal or inappropriate..:( I wanted to keep my account so I tried to recover it through my mobile phone but when I did it was asking if my service was with KT SKT or LG U+ or something like that. I'm guessing that I can't really log in to that account anymore :( I'm guessing I might need a new account...but what should I do if this happens again?

    27. I've had the same problem. Account was suspended and none of the mobile phone carriers work, so I can't get the reactivation code :| For me it claimed that it was an "illegal mass generated ID" (불법 대량생성 ID). Apparently the account was accessed from an abuse-suspicious location or something...

    28. My account was suspended as well! I don't have a Korean service provider so I don't know what to do... I've already been on the Naver Help Center and it's no help there. They don't have a section for getting suspended. Is there any way to recover my account? Help is appreciated!

    29. I had the same issue with my account being suspended. Something about illegal mass generated ID... I don't know. Do I have to create a new account? Is there anyway I can recover my original account?

    30. Thank you for sharing fandom-nim.

      My account is currently being processed. I cannot access any boards. Do you know how long this takes?

    31. now there's a 4th question to answer

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