Презентация, касающаяся иска В.А.Р

Translator: Valley
Original post: http://www.bapyessir.com/2014/12/all-of-bap-suing-their-company-for.html

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#JusticeForBAP Project

Also, since many people asked us the question, we believe fans must STOP BUYING merch until the lawsuit is over since it will only help TS and NOT B.A.P. 

Sources: thewindy2; Dispatch; Naver; Soompi; instiz; Mwave
ENG Translation: BANGUPward2; tsbabyz; itshysterie; yooyjaes; bydaehyuns; nara8477; bapyessir.com
Text by: Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM | bapyessir.com #Valley (Russian)


Поддерживайте B.A.P и проявляйте свою любовь по средствам отправки сообщений в социальных сетях, используя хэштэг #JUSTICEFORBAP
И поставьте эту картинку в качестве аватарки во всех соц.сетях!

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