B.A.P's 1004 #4 at Dazed Digital "The top 20 K-pop tracks of 2014"

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top K-pop tracks of 2014

B.A.P’s sound seems continually in flux, and this year landed on a fusion of rock guitars, forlorn bass and piano that moved like a dowsing pendulum. It gave the boyband what they’d not yet achieved, in wins on Korea’s influential music shows. “Angel” is a tough song utterly reliant on the power of its artists’ voices, and with this B.A.P triumph. Colour is added though an anguished, rearing chorus and a sharpened edge honed by the band’s rappers. Symbolic trinkets are lost and found in the lovelorn video, spearheaded by a moving performance from Himchan. Whatever the outcome of B.A.P’s recent lawsuit against their label, their achievements in experimentation will forever be evident, from their debut “Warrior” to the deserving success of “1004 (Angel)”.

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