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I am sorry that I made you guys worry. The situation was bad by itself and I didn't know my actions would cause the members to suffer, this is my fault. I will not make these kinds of mistakes again.I don't expect a lot. I just came all the way here just by looking at members and family and friends and you guys. I was trying to think simple and this happened. I will think of everyone else first from now on. The reason why I am writing this is because everyone is my closet and most important people. I  don't know how this writing will sound like but i want to tell you guys that my thought of "we" will not change. I want to say sorry and thank you to those who were worrying about me. I will become a person who tries his best. Thank you.

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Daehyun hyung, it is late but happy birthday!


I have been recruited by the army. I didn't have many thoughts of being enlisted a bit late, but working with Daehyun on different things as a team has made me find a sense of responsibility. 
Since I thought that everyone would be puzzled about the cafe, I'm leaving this post.
About the problem for the admission, I've handled it so that you can join without approval temporarily.
Since the fans kept everything in order and so far there wasn't any big problem, I'm not so worried.
I! Don't plan on giving up this place!
For minor management I'll tell my assistant manager to put a lot of effort to it!
In a month, I"ll be assigned to an individual training and I"ll try to shoot little by little strength from the army computers.
Meanwhile, I'll appreciate if you use this place nicely just as always.
 Thank you for always loving bap and for giving me lots of interest.
See you later!

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Himchan Message

No one is here
There's only one person
There's no one but one person
Its a secret
Congratulate you
Yes I'm gonna go sleep now
How can it be that no one is coming in
Its too much
Listen well in class
Then rest a little while more and listen well in class
Then bye(bbyong)
Thank you For coming into the room

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Daehyun Message

Happy New Year (Receive many luck this year) our lovely BABYs. Eat a lot of ddeokgook and hope you have only good things this year...!! I miss you!

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1st Picture

FEB   B.A.B.Y heart emoticon   6th
Fan A: Jongup oppa, happy birthday!!
ㅠㅠ I love you! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Fan B: Moon Jongup, happy birthday! heart emoticon
Fan C: I miss you!
Fan D: Happy birthday Mjup~!
JU: Thank you! keke

2nd Picture

(Left-corner 1) Bright Jonguppie heart emoticon (Feat. Damchu)
(Left-corner 2) Forever With B.A.P
(Right-corner) Moon Angel... 8ㅅ8
(Bottom-middle) Jongup! Happy birthday!!
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Jonguppie, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
19950206 Moon Jongup's Birth date

Girl: Should we make a Snowman? Boy: No haha

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Daehyun Chat

©SNS(Naver CafeUser)


I love you


©SNS(Naver CafeUser)

Has the both of you ate your dinner?

You should eat well~!

It seems like you've eaten it well


I ate delicious food

©SNS(Naver CafeUser)


Everyone the weather is windy so try not to wear thin clothes

I totally have a strong stamina don't I?ㅎㅎ

This is the first time I've chatted in a quiet chatroom ㅎㅎ

Anyways, I miss everyone a lot

Really really

©SNS(Naver CafeUser)


Don't tell me

So cool

©SNS(Naver CafeUser)

There's no selca

Hello ㅎㅎ

©SNS(Naver CafeUser)

Next time, I must chat with everyone again *heart* What is greater than busking!

I also miss you ssikbbang-nim


I'm at Busan now


©SNS(Naver CafeUser)

Come look for me haha

Though it's not busking..eum I'll say till here

It's a greater one..eum I'll say till here

(He invited a whole lot of babys into the chatroom)

I'm now going to go


©SNS(Naver CafeUser)

Eat well

Don't be sick

Study well ㅎㅎ 

And be good

I love you and


I miss you

©SNS(Naver CafeUser)

Today, tomorrow and also in our life, let's fighting ㅎㅎ 

We will not die


See you next time~!!

I love you baby and for real you're the best bye


Jieun-ie bye 

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Bird Message

Thanks to everyone who has participated in Youngjae's birthday event. 
I have only asked for a main picture, but you have also made a title, thanks to all the skilled babys, it was really difficult to choose one. Thanks to you, I don't even want to see the main picture and the title I have urgently made..
I really thank to everyone who has participated!
(I really thank to the fan who has made the current title for the 3rd anniversary also)


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I really miss you all too

I met with people I haven't been able to meet

I have nothing to say

I'm doing good


I'm resting lately

I don't remember

It doesn't rain here, oh

is it school break?

 So it's school break....it's something that happened to me 7 years ago

There are lot of people that are joining from Argentina

Oh so a new semester has started...in America

Some of my relatives live in Texas

Yes, lately I'm eating well and doing good

There is nothing in Texas, meadow style

You guys also don't get sick


 It really isn't good

its slow
it's like a notebook back when we used to use modems
help me

Please be a little quiet

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Youngjae Posted a Message

A small event that we started with the thought that we want to see each other very much made a misunderstand and hurting our babys. I'm worried...we will come back to you guys. I love you babys.

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Youngjae Chat

YJ: It's not a birthday party
YJ: I am not going to talk for long..
YJ: I just came in
YJ: hehe
YJ: Everyone~~~~
YJ: See you again~~~~~~~~~~~ 
© _StrongBAP
Bird Message

-From the time the chat started, I have confirmed that many post related to the chat has been rambling in any notice board for a few days. Please, use the new chat notice board for the post related to the chat room.
Since I can't change the 100 limits of person, I give sincere apologies for those who have lost their opportunity!
And I have told the members how to close the chat room, so if there's some occasion in which they leave the chat because they are busy or not familiar with it yet. After checking it, I will force to close it, so don't hate me a lot for that.

-Once more, please check the first official announcement. 
I think there are some people that haven't checked the official announcement which was edited.

-Thanks to all the fans that have been managing the cafe instead of me.
Thanks to you guys, the cafe doesn't need a staff and it seems like it's working on smoothly without any incident.
I'll also work hard to manage it well, so let's work hard together!

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Youngjae Chat


YJ: I need to go out because I got an error again ㅠ
YJ: What have you all been up to?
YJ: Are you by any chance the person from yesterday?
YJ: Right now I’m sitting in front of my computer chatting


YJ: A Japanese person is writing hiragana in Korean. How cute kekeke
YJ: kekeke


YJ: Everyone I miss you (tn: he’s speaking Japanese but typed it in Korean)
YJ: Is everyone doing good?


YJ: I’ve only seen it with the pictures you guys sent
YJ: Touched tears
YJ: How do you use emoticons keke
YJ: No but Daehyun


YJ: What did he want you to anticipate?
YJ: I don’t know?
YJ: Ooh you’re all very quick witted
YJ: But really I don’t know


YJ: I saw Heesun a lot
YJ: Lately there haven’t been many twitter mentions
YJ: Your guys’ love for me has cooled ㅠ
YJ: Ohoh I’m getting another error


YJ: Stop!
YJ: I’m supposed to be an idol but…damn it
YJ: Our hyung’s are 26 years old!
YJ: Now we’ll put Junhongie in the center and make him the main so we can look younger


YJ: The hyung’s can be the side hehe
YJ: You’re right if you just look at the faces I should be in the center because I look the youngest
YJ: Hehehehehehe
YJ: Yongguk hyung doesn’t chat normally anyway


YJ: Oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~cool


YJ: Himchan hyung
YJ: Hasn’t used a computer in a while so I think he’s more comfortable with Twitter
YJ: Himchan hyung really checks his mentions
YJ: So send him lots. He probably reads every single one?


YJ: Send a group one then send a personal one to me
YJ: Because I’m selfish~
YJ: Because I skim over the group ones kekekekekekeke
YJ: The personal ones I get I read every consonant and vowel


YJ: You’re right I’m pretty good at Japanese
YJ: I got a lot wrong that time…if it was now I’d get 100 points
YJ: Now, now friends
YJ: Let’s show them Babys unity


YJ: Now quiet~
YJ: Ooh we have a translator too..
YJ: Did you all eat dinner?
YJ: For dieting, just don’t eat late at night


YJ: For dieting, just don’t eat late at night
YJ: And work out a lot
YJ: For me diet was shock therapy, I lost weight by not eating at first but later I worked out regularly and just ate
YJ: Hurry and everyone eat dinner~


YJ: For the friends who are studying, study hard
YJ: I haven’t been able to exercise lately ㅠ
YJ: For the people who are working
YJ: Run full speed for the week~


YJ: For the Babys who are on vacation
YJ: You have to have fun when you’re on vacation hehe
YJ: Whenever I had vacation I think I spent it planning on what I would do and just had lots of fun hehe
YJ: How sad hehe


YJ: A license is good~
YJ: Hehe since I’ll be here to chat at least once a week~
YJ: We’ll be able to see each other often hehe
YJ: I’m not thinking for you guys, I’m here because I miss you


YJ: So we’ll end the chat here today~
YJ: Everyone end your day well~
YJ: Bbai~

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Daehyun Chat


© Clare @ BAP_intl



©Clare @ BAP_intl




©Clare @ BAP_intl




©Clare @ BAP_intl


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Youngjae posted a message ~

I came in to chat
But it turbed off saying that there is an error...
I don't think I can do it today..sorry

Ill come back tomorrow! Please wait just one day! 
Good night

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Daehyun posted a message ~


Daehyun posted a message ~

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Jongup's Chat ~

JU: I don’t speak english
JU: Heh
JU: Ohoh France
JU: I miss you too
JU: Wow
JU: Cool
JU: Wow
JU: Choon-Cheon
JU: Wow
JU: Oh Il-san!
JU: I’m in Guk-nae dong (tn: neighborhood name)
JU: Junhongie sometimes goes to Ttuk seom island to ride his board
JU: Don’t…

©it's BAP

Youngjae posted a message ~

If you spent it well
What you did
Let's have a time to look back on what you did today.
Say 'I love you' to your parents before this year ends~

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Youngjae posted a message ~

"Eat your meals well
Don't worry about us too much
Have a happy new year
Be healthy
We'll meet again soon enough
I love you


Daehyun also posted a message ~

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Daehyun posted some messages in the chatroom ~

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Daehyun uploaded a picture of himself and a picture of Jongup ~


  1. aww~my adorkable bbjongupie!^ ^ i dont care what you said but i still ♡ you,my babyloveyjuppie!♡

  2. hahaha the first screenshot is mine!! ^_^ I was the Argentinian "Lucky girl" (Himchan named me in that way hahaha) it was really awesome!!

    1. wow,really?? lucky you!!><

  3. hmm..why did i witness a post about jongupie's birthday post at naver website? and i thought TSent took control over it . i'm confused. :\