B.A.P Created a New Fancafe for Fans

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The original fancafe () is still under TS control, so B.A.P have decided to create a new one to keep contact with fans~ The fancafe currently have 4000+ fans and all the B.A.P members seems to have joined too! (Not sure about Yongguk and Himchan though)

Meanwhile, we will post updates of the cafe on this tag: SNS-Message (2014) / SNS-Message (2015)

This is the link of the fancafe: cafe.naver.com/120126


Daehyun & Youngjae have changed their Twitter & IG bio and added the link of the new fancafe ^3^

Manager: Bird
Assistant manager: Daehyun
Staff: Yjay

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  1. Hi i'm from sydney australia, i tried to create an account but it doesn't seem like the site has Australia moblie code. is there another way i can join?
    thank you :)