Naver Star News: B.A.P's Zelo "will try best... hope the students to have good results"

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Boy group B.A.P's Zelo, said his feelings for the SAT exam. On the 13th, Zelo said he will do his best til- the end at Seoul Youngdeung po gu Gwan AK high school
Zelo said "I hope the students receive good results for all their hard work" and " to have a good condition through out the test"
Also, he said that he will cheer for all those who are taking the exam and he will do his best too.
At last, he said "Republic of Korea's tester fighting" as a cheering message.
On this day, many singers other than Zelo like Apink's Oh Hayoung, GOT7's Youngjae did the test also.
Zelo debuted in January 2012 as B.A.P and promoted activily with several albums.
Recently, B.A.P's company, TS Entertainment announced that B.A.P will have a break in order to recharge their energy.

Translation © Jiwon @ BAPYESSIR.COM | Naver Star News

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