B.A.P was mentioned in the Thanks To section of Song Jieun's '25' album

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More worried for B.A.P~!  Always take care of your health and eat well^^ 

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  1. awww~ji eun baby~how sweet of you. bless you,dear. :) i pray the same thing to you too. hopefuloy nothing bad comes to you. you too take good care of yourself. ;) p.s. i don't mind if one day byg-ssi is going to be your bf/man-to-be someday but not now,ok?^ ^' hehe if he wants you too and if only you both are meant to be together too!^ ^' *babys don't hate me please - this is for their future let say age at 30+ ish~* ahaha!^ ^' so,ji eun-ah please focus on your career first like you used to say,ok?^ ^ and so is B.A.P!^ ^ they should focus on their jobs too. it is not easy to make money now a days. like my mom used to say if i want to get married make sure i'm all prepared mentally,physically and financially ready. so that is what most important before marriage or before getting married. ;) anyways~fighting,my baby jieun!^ ^9 and i love you together with Secret too! may you all have a strong,long-lasting bond as good friends altogether all four of you and also amongst other labelmates of yours and the company itself. ;)