B.A.P Daum and Naver Attack on Nov. 30th

Shared by Nathália @ BAPYESSIR.COM

**IMPORTANT** There will be another Daum/Naver attack on Nov. 30th. 

PLAN A: 1st Attack @ 8 PM KST 'bap 디스패치' *NAVER* 
If Naver blocks our attack → 2nd Attack @ 10 PM KST '비에이피소송' *DAUM* 

PLAN B: 1st Attack @ 8 PM KST 'bap 디스패치' *NAVER* If Naver seems to be working for us → 2nd Attack @ 10 PM KST 'bap 디스패치' *NAVER*

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Shared by Cece @ BAPYESSIR.COM

This Picture shows how Babyz can participate in searching "B.A.P 디스패치" on Daum


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