KpopStarz's Producer Reassures Fans that the current Situation is "only temporary"

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KpopStarz's Producer recently took to twitter to reassure fans that despite B.A.P having cancelled their South American Tour and postponed their Japan 1st album, the situation is only temporary and that B.A.P feel sorry towards fans. Let's watch over our boys and keep fighting for them! 

This is what she had to say:

B.A.P’s company TS Entertainment has announced that B.A.P will temporarily suspend activities. For fans who’ve always supported and looked over them, there must’ve been many who worried and wanted to let B.A.P rest for a little from their truly hard schedule.

When you get popular, the workload increase, and since B.A.P promotes globally, they had received love calls from worldwide and have literally flown around the world. When you’re going at full speed, I believe it’s a huge decision that takes tremendous amount of corsage to put things at a standstill.

To not be carried away by daily schedule and busyness, to not just look at what’s happening right now, considering the future, they decide to rest for now. Because I know very well about how there are fans waiting for them continuously all over the world, it was a judgement with true courage, a judgement full with positivity!  

An announcement about the indefinite postponement of the Japan 1st album that was to be out in November was [also] released. It doesn’t change my thoughts that “it’s a huge shame, more like, I want to hear it!”, but this is only temporary. I believe they they feel very sorry to the fans. Therefore, to respect their decision, I just want to watch over them. 

Every time B.A.P has a photoshoot for KpopStarz Japan, they somehow always finish up with lots of laughter and that’s something the members enjoy as well.

I might ask “I was surprised at your decision from that time”  with a smile during their next interview with us; I’m looking forward to that. Let’s accept, understand and support the artist’s decision! BABY, ganbere!! [T/N: “gambere is the japanese equivalent to “hwaiting”]

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