Jongup and Zelo also interviewed in "El Universal's" Article on Music Bank in Mexico

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Addition to what fans pay to have a physical reminder of their artists, many move ground, sea and land to attend the concerts, the bet is getting bigger in Mexico.  

An example is the Festival Music Bank Mexico, after visiting Brazil, France, Chile and Japan, comes with seven artists: Ailee, INFINITE, EXO-K, Girl's Day, BEAST, BTS and BAP HimChan, member of B.A.P, says he still feels amazed at the impact of the musical phenomenon. 

"We're going to the festival in Mexico because it means that there are many people who love and recognizes the K-Pop," says the singer to El Universal.  
"Every time we go on stage, we think that the genre is being recognized not only in Asia but worldwide. We feel lot of pride and responsibility for being part of it. At the same time, we are grateful to those who know the genre through us. So we must work and enjoy the music with passion. 

"Both his music and festivals like these, he says, have allowed them to approach other audience. "We hope there is more events like this, where artists and fans meet with much love for one thing: the K-Pop".

According to Zelo, in this first edition of the festival "artists will show the energy of K-Pop (Korean Pop)." 
"We think it will be the best show because of the excellent artists, we are very excited," he said, referring to the six artists that will perform: BEAST, BTS, Ailee, EXO-K, Girl's Day and INFINITE. 

The artists confessed to put a lot of effort into their style and choreography, as it expresses the personality of the group. "If music conveys our message, our style and choreography visually convey our message," said Jongup. 

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