Happy Birthday Choi Junhong!!! #Happy19thZeloDay

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Congratulations on your special day Zelo!!

Junhong always seems wise beyond his years, while at the same time he maintains his silly side and playfulness. He serves as an inspiration to us all, whether we're his juniors or seniors. Seeing his passion for his art drives us all to better ourselves and continue to work hard for our own dreams...

...and at the same time, he makes us laugh, our lovable joker skateboarding in his funky socks and his silly selca bombs.

As always, we are all excited to see what new achievements our beloved maknae will realize both individually and as part of B.A.P, where his amazing talent will take him and what new antics he will think up next ♡

From all your Babys and teamBYS,
Happy Birthday Zelo!

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