B.A.P's LOE South America Tour has been Officially Cancelled

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[Official Announcement ] Cancellation of South American tour of B.A.P group.  We regret that due to the demand made by the group B.A,P to their company TS Entertainment the South American tour that was scheduled for the first half of 2015 and were included the countries of Chile, Peru and Argentina, is officially canceled.  
We have done everything that was in our power to prevent the cancellation of this tour, to understand the repeated problems posed by TS Entertainment and above all, protect the enthusiasm of all the fans waiting for this tour, but due to the this situation, we've taken the decision to cancel the "B.A.P - Live on Earth" in the aforementioned countries.  
We are really sorry for not being able to concrete this tour and we want to assure all the fans that we understand their disappointment and concern for the group. By the same token, we join in annoyance with the company TS Entertainment for its lack of seriousness and professionalism to everything happened. 
We decided after this also cancel the original request merchandising we were going to make, since the purchase of these products continue to generate revenue for the company which, as many will be aware, has not respected the fair profit that B.A.P members deserved. 
Also, we clarify that Hallyutrend still waiting response from the corresponding TS Entertainment for the money and all damages caused by the hiring and cancellation of this tour.

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Greeting to South American Babys


We heard that some south american babys were saddened by re-programming of the tour, therefore we wanted to send this greeting
Once we have taken the enough time to recharge the energy, we promise without fail we'll go next year to Argentina, Chile and Perú.
Yes, because LIVE ON EARTH of B.A.P will continue.
We ask to wait for us as we'll go to give a spectacular show
We want to see you all.
See you soon
We love you
Until now, B.A.P Yes Sir!

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Dear Babyz;

First we want to inform and clarify that the B.A.P's South American tour has been officially re-scheduled for the first half of 2015 between the months of April and June. We wanto to bring you soon more accuracy on the date of re-programm
ing, but as you will notice everything is still very recent, and still are negotiating and coordinating with TS Entertainment the new dates for the tour.

Being a re-programming reality is that all the fans who have purchased tickets for the show in Argentina may keep them as although if the have the date of November 2, this will be fully valid for the new date to be set for the concert . The concert will be held at Microestadio UTN and the same provisions and benefits that had been raised will be respected.
A) Benefits for those who keep their entries:
> COMBOS: All those who have purchased their VIP tickets + CD autographed CD may withdraw that in December in time and place to be determined in Buenos Aires. If you purchased a combo and you're inside the country, the CD will be able to send to you running costs the same to your charge, and you can also withdraw it the day of the concert.
> VALUE: The value of tickets purchased during the year 2014 will be frozen and should not pay anything more for the show. For the value of the ticket sales for 2015, due to the situation of our country, we can not ensure that the value remains intact.
> BENEFITS: All benefits that were corresponded the first week of sale will continue and be respected and we are even talking to negotiate to get more passes to special events. Furthermore, from TS Entertainment have announced us that the intended to show their readiness for the new date, will be giving more benefits to those fans to keep their tickets for re-programming, and from Hallyutrend also give them exclusive benefits to those persons . Will you wait a little more for B.A.P? We hope so!
B) We will soon have a video of BAP where they themselves and will tell you about re-programming and show you their desire to come to South America next year!
C) If you still require the return of money from the tickets we ask await the Monday November 3, date from which may inform us your desire to return your money and we will publish on our site the link to the online request cancellation of Mercado Pago payments. Also, next week will inform days and times which may approach the office those who made their purchase in direct selling.

D) Reimbursement of travel and accommodations for people inside and outside the country as well as concert goers of Peru and Chile with the same problem.
If for attending one of the concerts of BAP in Argentina, Chile or Peru you should spend money on airfare, micro or transfer, as well as room reservations, and cancel it and the different companies charge you for this withheld money, this money will be returned.
Until the November 7 you can send the application form for reimbursement of such costs through our website:

In documentation we ask you to place a scan, photo or screenshot of the expenditure request is refunded.
Attention! We asked them to make claims for individual, not groups. The resolution of these cases may take from 15-20 days as case by case basis and will be analyzed in a personalized manner.
Peru may soon find more information at JMP Group:
Chile may soon find more information at Noix productions:
For inquiries unexplained issues in this publication: consultas@hallyutrend.com
Ask that you please be patient we are working hard all the producers involved in the tour to bring more certainty about re-programmed. We appreciate your support and understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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As the company "TS Entertainment" have stated earlier on their official page, the "B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 SOUTH AMERICA ATTACK!!" tour will be rescheduled as the group will be taking a break from their activities for the following months.

Please understand that it has been a difficult decision for both "TS Entertainment" and for B.A.P, therefore, "Hallyutrend" shares the same concern for the wellbeing of the artists and we hope that all the fans can understand this situation and will be supporting the boys on their future activities.

Both "Hallyutrend" and "TS Entertainment" would like to sincerely apologize to all fans from Chile, Peru and Argentina who have been waiting for the opportunity to see B.A.P in the three countries of South America in 2014. Furthermore, we would also like to apologize to "Noix Producciones" and "JM Producciones" and thank them a lot for their work and effort they've put since the beginning until now. 

We would also like to clear up two aspects:
1) The show will keep the location, the arrangements and the benefits.
2) Tickets: In the following week, we will publish a post on all the information on how the refund process will take place on respective pages. We are only asking for a little more patience and we will put all our effort for refunds even of those expenses that cannot be recuperated such as shuttle tickets and hotel reservations, as we fully understand that many have already paid for the fairs, hence we will be in charge of the sum for the refunds.
Once again, we would like to apologize to all, we hope to have your understanding and your support in the future. Please stay tuned on our official media for more information.

Yours sincerely,
Marcela Lee, CEO Hallyutrend

Please read our statement and your understanding is well appreciated. 


>> Clarifications on TICKETS REFUNDS.

We would like to request from everyone (Argentina, Chile and Peru) to wait until Wednesday October 29th, as we will then update you on the refund process and also begin the reimbursement on that day.

Until Wednesday, we will not answer any inquiries or questions by any means. We are currently working on a platform that will be on our website where you can ask all your questions and also where you can find all the information according to the way you've acquired your tickets. Your patience until Wednesday will be greatly appreciated as we are striving to provide a quick solution to this circumstance.

> For ARGENTINA. Please keep an eye on our website until Wednesday, where we will post all the information. 

> For CHILE. Please pay attention on the information provided by Noix Producciones: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NoiX-Producciones/27446146835

> For PERU. Please pay attention on the information provided by JM Producciones: https://www.facebook.com/JMPPTCP

Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we also appreciate your understanding.

Thank you very much.

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The following notice was recently published by TS:
Dear BABYz,
Hello, this is TS Entertainment.
First of all, we highly appreciate your kind support on B.A.P and would like to inform you of B.A.P’s schedule.
B.A.P and TS have striven to fulfill our common goal so far; when viewing with a long-term perspective, we concluded that B.A.P deserves the sufficient time to get recharged in return for their relentless effort and endeavor and this is the time. So, we made the decision to suspend B.A.P's official schedule after Music Bank In Mexico and for them to take a rest for a while, because the artist condition is the top priority for us.
Therefore, we’re very sorry to inform you that we decided to cancel B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 South America Attack to be scheduled on November after talking with Hallyutrend in full faith who has been organized the tour. Even though we’re fully aware that lots of BABYs were waiting for B.A.P’s shows, we inevitably reached this conclusion so that B.A.P can show a better performance with a better condition in the near future; we look forward to your kind understanding.
Again, please accept our sincere apologies on worrying you who really have been caring about B.A.P and we wish your continuous support and love until B.A.P is back.
We promise that B.A.P will come back with the Best, Absolute, and Perfect stage/performance than ever within a short time.
Thank you for your kind attention and see you soon.
© TS Entertainment

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Santiago, Chile Ticket Prices & Seating Plan

Lima, Peru Ticket Prices & Seating Plan

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BYS is recruiting representatives who are planning to attend one of the three concerts of the tour! 

El Fansite Internacional de B.A.P está buscando representantes oficiales para el próximo concierto de Argentina y Chile en noviembre. El representante distribuirá photocards de B.A.P e introducirá el sitio web (www.bapyessir.com) a nuevos fans. El representante también podrá seguir trabajando en el sitio después, como nuestro principal representante en su país y ayudará a hacer a B.A.P más popular en el país en cuestión a través de muchos tipos de proyectos. 

Para más información, porfavor contacte a Isa en teambys@outlook.com
Gracias por su apoyo

HALLYUTREND present: “B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 – South America Attack!!”

November 2, 2014 - MICROESTADIO UTN
 – Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
November 4, 2014  – TEATRO CAUPOLICAN – Santiago de Chile – CHILE
November 6, 2014 – JOCKEY CLUB – Lima – PERÚ


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  2. and i do hope TS meant what they have said there and try not to cover up over something suspicious. if they did,try to deal it quick. and hopefully it is not a big deal. lately,babys are getting a lot of impatience already. but as for me,as a fan or baby,if there is something you need get over with,better do/deal it now and fast,TS. p.s. you guys(TSent)should have not at least try to recruit over newcomers/idols/artists again because it will hurt your company's financial status if not sooner nor later if your company's funds are not currently in a stable state at the moment. if you know what i mean. so,better think about that(again & again),TS. and i know you guys can pull and do better than that. don't discouraged and left us,fans to nowhere like this. please.

  3. Applauding Hallyutrend for their bold move!