Himchan, Daehyun & Youngjae comment for Dig it! Dig it! Radio (140913)

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[Only the “Members in charge of Japanese” did this comment, so Himchan, Daehyun and Youngjae]

Everyone listening to Dig it! Dig it! We are B.A.P Yessir!
HC: Hello, this is delicately handsome Himchan
DH: Hello, I’m your kind boyfriend Daehyun
YJ: Hi, I’m the one with good sense to charm, Youngjae. Last year in November we were on "Dig it! Dig it!" right?
DH: That’s right
All: “Diggy diggy dum diggy diggy dum~” [T/N: Last time they were on Dig it! Dig it! The hosts mentioned that they like that part of "Warrior" since it sounds like the program’s name, so they kept saying it]
DH: Ha, yeah it’s been a while, Himchan do you remember?
HC: “Atarimaedeshou!” [T/N: This is usually the line Jongup says during MC breaks in Japan, it means something like “Of course!” in this situation]
All: “Diggy diggy dum diggy diggy dum~”
HC: Yeah it’s that program, right?
YJ: Aah you do remember, nothing less from Himchan~
HC: We did our first single “Warrior” part
All: “Diggy diggy dum diggy diggy dum~”
HC: On "Dig it! Dig it!" right? And it became their theme song!
DH: Haha that’s right, that’s right!
YJ: Ah it’s unfortunate but this time it’s a different song…Why…Please change it again…"Dig it! Dig it!" haha
HC: So on September 3rd, we released our new single “Excuse Me!”
DH: This song has a gorgeous feel with a hip-hop beat
HC: Yes it is a song to get fired up with at concerts, a very cool song!
YJ: A song overflowing confidence, please check it out!
DH: Everyone, please listen to it!
HC: With that, Thank you for supporting us! [T/N: Said to the program’s MC’s] We’ll come and play at your studio again!
MCs: AH! Of course!
ALL: This has been B.A.P! We are B.A.P Yessir!
“Diggy diggy dum diggy diggy dum~”

Translation © Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

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