B.A.P to perform at 2014 Hallyu Dream Festival on September 28 at 6PM KST

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Tickets are on sale till the 10th. There are ticket packages like hotels and transportation it is all in English if you press buy ticket.

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B.A.P will perform at the 2014 Hallyu Dream Festival on September 28th at 6PM KST at GyungJu Public Park.

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Ticket Sale:
The ticket sale started on September 1 at 6 PM KST. Tickets are available on Gmarket.

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  1. woww~that IS one serious line-up!xD 22 different kpop artists in the act into one show! incredibly insane! besides B.A.P,my other favorite boygroups like Got7 is also included! ~yassss!!^ ^9 our B.A.P bb boyz once again are gonna be as busy like they used to be again!^ ^' and woahh~at Block B,Vixx,BTOB and Toppdogg for the line-up!! i mean,they are also one of the coolest and the hypest(active)boygroups in the kpop music industry at this moment!!^ ^ p.s. and i think i began to like AOA's two favorite songs like the ones called Mini Skirt & Short Hair songs now! both of their songs are so sexy,cool to listen at! oh,and also Kara new song called Mammamia! i simply love it! although i'm not a fan of them but who knows!^ ^ hehe~ and suddenly why are there so many girlgroups like follow and did the likes of a pop-dance club type of music lately?^ ^ like Sistar and then Secret also did the same doing an upbeat and catchy tune!^ ^ but,and then again as long it sounds good though,i don't mind! ;)