TS Confirms B.A.P will not attend 'BEST OF BEST in GuangZhou' on November 16

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TS posted in B.A.P fan cafe that B.A.P will not be attending Best of Best in GuangZhou, citing previous announcement that "as earlier we mentioned that all their promotions will be cancelled and they will go to rest"

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  1. woo~~~all are idol from SM except BAP!! i hope many babyz will attend the show and give support to BAP!! im afraid that the hall will be full of SM stans..but i hope that the fans can support all of the artist instead of only supporting for their bias

  2. since it's China, so if ALL invited are SM artists, it's not surprise, but surprise here is B.A.P is the only non-SM groups invited!! B.A.P JJANG!

  3. F(X) F(X) <3 <3 <3
    THE BESTS!!!!! F(X) <3

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