B.A.P Nominated for MTV EMA's Best WorldWide Act 2014: Live Nomination Video

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B.A.P didn't win the Worldwide Act despite all our efforts. Thank you for your hard work BABYz, B.A.P's name has been spread to the world at least, and we should be proud of us!! B.A.P is proud of us, that's for sure, and next time we'll do even better! 
B.A.P won Korea Act though, and that's such a big achievement. 
But let's never forget that after all, an award is just an award, and it doesn't define B.A.P as good or popular artist. They are so much more than this, we all know this! 

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Keep it up Babys! We trended #MTVEMABAP in the following countries:




Live Streaming

Finally the time has come for the Award Ceremony in Glasgow, Scotland. We are not yet aware if B.A.P will be attending, but either way, we must ALL watch and see the results together! 

There are multiple Live Streams available, and depending on your location, some may work better than others so go through them all and choose the best.  (More coming soon)

Beginning of MTV EMA 2014: 9PM CET 

Streams:  Here | Here | Here | Here | Here |



  1. can we vote anytime or just 11AM and 11PM?

    1. Vote any time you can as much as you can!! This mass voting is just to keep Babys motivated and to make sure we all do our part to help B.A.P ^^

  2. Ayyy~ I heard that the best korean act will go against the best japanese act, then compete for best worldwide act. If BAP wins best korean act and goes against best japanese act, will the votes start from 0 or are they accumulative? May I know when the voting for each respective section starts and ends? Thank you! ^^

  3. what about duration one hour? it means we have to vote 11am-12am,4-5pm,11-12pm? is tht like tht? sorry for asking..

  4. Ok, im a little confused about the voting...you mentioned voting is unlimited, but then you also said "you only have 100 votes". Which is the correct information??

  5. Good luck to B.A.P!! Hwaiting babys~!! Keep it up!!

  6. Will B.A.P be going to Glasgow for the awards or is that only for the winner?

    1. B.A.P will be going to Glasgow if they'll win this final round. So keep voting if you want to see them performing and accepting the award!^^

    2. I think they'll go regardless if they win or not. EXO Suho and Kris went last time. :)

  7. GUYS YOU HAVE TO VOTE HERE! http://tv.mtvema.com/vote?category=worldwide-act VOTING IS OPEN FOR ANOTHER 14 HOURS! COME ON BABYZ AND ARMYZ LET'S WIN THIS FOR B.A.P!!!

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