B.A.P Interview with Sintencis 13 Part 2: "We are doing our best to go to Argentina"

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Part 2
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(B.A.P parts starts around 1:35)
YG: Hi Argentina!
All: We are B.A.P Yessir!
HC: We are doing our best to go to Argentina. We are making the best stage to go.
DH: I love you guys!(T/N: he said that in english thoㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

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Part 1

©Daevid Meneses

¡Hello Argentina, we’re B.A.P Yes Sir!
DH: Argentina is too far, we still don’t know how many fans we have there, nor we don't know how exactly the country is, I think we will be surprised a lot.
HC: We’re going to return that love in the stage.
I: A fan in Buenos Aires sent me a message by twitter that one of you is a big fan of Che Guevara.
YG: I met him through a book when I was a child, how was his life, their values, I share all of that, I agree ideologically with him, so I work hard to share through the music the same values
I: It’s a bit the objective that you have as a group, make a revolution but through the music
YG: Telling stories that no one tells, we think it’s posible, have a better world, I think it’s posible through the music. I think the world would be better if instead of materialism we be able to have equality for all
¡Thank you, see you Argentina!

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  1. mmm i find the interviewer sat so casually , is that acceptable? aren't there interview manners?

  2. yeah here in Argentina we are casual hahahaha