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It’s the second time we’re meeting them since last October. We’ve met up with the members of B.A.P who are preparing to promote their fourth single album ‘Excuse Me’ in Japan this September. Just 10 months ago, there was a group of boys with happy smiles and faces, but now they have transformed into mature looking young men. The boys have been causing a commotion with their ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’ in countries such as the U.S, Europe, Australia and Asia; they have also been able to obtain a constant growth with their albums and tours.  And to add on, they have not had a break since their debut and have promoted with such great passion; which is why we prepared a short interview with them. Though it was a short time spent with them, it left a great impression on us about the six guys of B.A.P.


Q: You’re favorite book is titled Che Guevara Pyeongjeon. (*There isn’t an exact translation for pyeongjeon, but it is similar to electricity, (10 time, a record containing the evaluation of the author. But I’m not sure. I had to look it up on Naver*) Did you learn anything from the book?
BYG: If you count the times I’ve read this book when I was younger, it’s my third time rereading this book. I read it recently and learned, if though we live in a world that changes constantly, we shouldn’t forget about justice and it made me think about our society again. Not only have I been making music, but I’ve also been reflecting about myself, ‘If something is meaningless, then our goal is not justified,’ ‘Let’s become a realist, however, my heart tells me that I’m dreaming about something impossible.”

Q: If, you had to leave on valuable object, person, or thought, what would it be?
BYG: It would definitely be justice. I if we had justice, it would be easier for people to reflect upon themselves and find the true happiness, us humans need. However, if we don’t have justice in our society, there won’t be anyone who would be able to find happiness. Because in the end, people will focus on money and fame, which don’t bring happiness, but rather bring pain and hurt the people themselves. It’s not being not happy, but rather not having the ability to feel happy or find happiness.

Q: You recently said you find happiness when you’re either producing music or exercising. Have you felt that happy recently?
BYG: I joined a group of people who like basketball and created a ‘Basketball Family.’  We usually play when the sun, sets and the wind is blowing. It feels like all the stress I had is pushed off my shoulders. I’m also making music with a lot of underground rappers. I exercise, make music and through these, I feel the most happy; honestly.

Q: What makes BYG laugh/smile nowadays?
BYG: Not too long ago, I’ve been taking care of a cream poodle and I unintentionally just smile whenever I see him/her. Her/his name is Tigger. (As BYG said the name Tigger, he just smiled.) I get happy just looking at him/her and just smile. I didn’t know such a small creature would make me feel so many emotions; good emotions.

Q: Do you still sleep at dawn?
BYG: I think I fall asleep when the sun fully rises. It’s not that I do it purposely or anything, but after producing music and everything, I just fall asleep at that time.

Q: We see that you uploaded a video of you producing music on Instagram.
BYG: The video I uploaded was a genre called Dubstep. I usually like A capella songs. I’ve been working on a number of different genres. It changes every time I have time to produce a song. I’ve been making a lot of ‘deep’ meaningful songs. They’re not just deep songs, they are really deep songs. I’m not depressed or anything, but because I’ve been producing songs at dawn, I think it just makes me more emotional.

Q. At the press conference you had in March for B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul, you introduced your song ‘Q’ and stated that it was a “out of body experience.” Does this help you when you write songs?
BYGNormally I do not dream a lot so when I do dream I think I would remember the dream clearly. Recently I dreamt about something a little horror and bloody, the image was really vivid, so after waking up for a long time I was dazed. Even until now, I could still remember some image vividly.  Normally i spend more time on working rather than hanging out so i get my ideas from daily life instead of unreal or special experiences. Like something i see while walking on the street, ordinary life or just talking with my friends.nowadays I'm effected by the nature. Like dark green on tree or red sunset light on the sky.

Q. After the start of Seoul’s concert, America, Europe, Australia and Asia’s “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’ unfolded. As you’re experiencing the tour, among every thing what was the best and left a great impression on you?  
BYG : During this tour we managed to go to England and France, Australia and such countries that we did not manage to go during Pacific tour. Even though we can’t see it right now, but facing a new environment with a variety of new sight, I’m thinking that more than our self-assurance, a chance to attain bigger and deeper development. Going around for the tour in each country and city, even though I received good energy and bravery, especially France’s Paris, I really wanted to go once and recommend it. Even if we don’t get a lot of money, the things we gain are really a lot. An ordinary street and saturated with beautiful buildings came out. Ah… either go to a restaurant that has an ambience that matches with wine or it's a must to go into the streets and it will be good to enjoy the streets. To my heart’s content, I could experience different kind of atmosphere.

Q. You seem a lot calmer than the past. If there was a word to describe you, what would it be?
BYG: A sloth. To be honest, I think I’m similar to a sloth. Even though sloths are really lazy, they do what they have to do. They climb up tall trees and watch their place while they’re up there. I also try to focus and do what I can do. Because I’m a bit slower than other people, they do seem frustrated with me, but as long as if I don’t pause in the middle of my work, I don’t care what others think or say.

Q. So if you kept working at the speed you’re working at now, how do you think you will be 10 years later?
BYG: Even though I’m 25 years old, people say I’m like a 40 year old. So when I turn 35, I hope to be seen as a grandpa. I want to be like my late grandfather. He’s the person I miss the most and was an amazing person. So when 10 years past, I hope to become an amazing person who does a lot of great work; just like my grandfather.

Q. What’s your dream?
BYG: I’ve thought about “my final dream,” but whenever I dream about it, it seems so unrealistic. Because a dream is a dream, I’m not even sure if it will come true. But my dream is to make my dreams become more realistic to make my final dream come true.

Q. Lastly, say something to your fans.

BYG: Where are you? What are you doing? I miss you all. I’m sorry that we can’t see each other as much, but I hope you guys can keep your place as our fans. 

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Q. What people think about your image and how you look at yourself, is it different or the same?
Himchan: The people that I don’t really know would think of me as a cold and sacarstic person. The truth is I’m not! (Laughs). Among my members, I’m not really that shy and can confront people. Normally the people around me, I would play jokes on them, also I like to talk to them. There’s also a part of me where I’m extremely emotional; I also have a side that I show a lot of affection!

Q. It seems like you do know it. You are known as the team’s visual, which is your most confident part of your features?
Himchan: My eyes. Therefore with acknowledgement, especially when I hear ‘Your stare is alive’ I would feel good. This is what I think, I am curious as to what BABY(B.A.P’s fanclub name)s’ thinks of as the nicest part. (Laughs)

Q. ‘Me, Himchan, not only am I handsome, I’m also charming’ you boldly promoted yourself?
Himchan: To extend it all is a pictorial! Haha. I’ve always been interested in fashion and thought I had some sense in fashion. Firstly because I know myself too well, I would know which coordinate is the best and matches me. When there is a trend, I don’t actually totally follow it, I find the item that best suits me and with a variety I am working hard on finding the better one that looks good on me. Because I know me and I know fashion, I think I’m just a walking pictorial. (Laughs) Is this considered self-promotion?

Q. Haha, then other than you in the team, which member do you think wears the best clothes? (as in fashion sense)
Himchan: Personally, Yongguk’s style looks nice. Normally I would not dress up too excessively and would have a simple style, and naturally dress up with that outfit and goes out. Yongguk is has a very hiphop-like style and also very often as dandy style, he also very neat so it get along well. There is a lot of space as its big so he would have a lot of space to digest.

Q. This time you came back after a tour and also seem like you did quite a lot of shopping. Among the things you bought, what was the one thing that you were really happy that you bought it and like it and also what did you not like, like you thought to yourself ‘Ah, I shouldn’t have bought this’?
Himchan: The one thing I am really happy I bought was shoes! The one I shouldn’t have bought is also shoes… I was happy with the design so ‘I got it’, but I found out that this item is sold at a cheap price in Korea. However just like the moment when ‘I got it’ the happiness I enjoyed won’t change so I’m okay. Yes, it will be fine. It will be fine…

Q. Haha, after every talk your bright energy grows. Like this, when was the moment you last experience such happiness?
Himchan : When B.A.P all six members sit together and had a meal. When the six of us eat privately, we could express following difficulties so the feeling is good and I could feel our bond.

Q. Recently when was the most ‘Up’ moment and the memories which you had a big laugh?
Himchan: Moon Jong ‘Up’♡. (Laughs) Even though I’m half serious and half joking about those words, when I’m with Jongup, I’m would be slightly ‘Up’. I think other members are like that too. I think its because Jongup listens well and also gives good reactions. Big laughs always are when I’m with Jongup? Keke. Jongup has that something that makes people happy when they’re with him. Every time while we were talking I would unintentionally laugh and it doesn’t only happen to me, it happens to our members and the staff as well. He wasn’t trying to make us laugh on purpose when talking, that is why it’s funnier.

Q. Haha, Jongup’s charm seems to be really great. In the dorm, you are using the same room as Jongup right?
Himchan: I’m sharing the room with Jongup, Zelo and Daehyun are in one room, Yongguk and Youngjae each has a room to themselves. During the day that we moved and had room arrangements, by chance me and Jongup went to eat and went back late, by the time we were back, other members had already set their roomates and went to sleep. So naturally we both use the same room. Normally I get along with Jongup, so now I’m satisfied with the room arrangements. Besides Jongup’s and my sleeping time are the same. (Laughs) I for a long time has a direction that I would sleep well in but, recently Jongup match well with my such pattern, slept at the same time and also woke up at the same time. The time we wake up and other people are quite different. The level where the sun already set down and we just woke up? Jongup-ah, now we should wake up early! Keke.

Q. When together with same age friend Bang Yong Guk, what do you talk and about mostly. Recently have you guys consult each other about problems?
Himchan: The most recent one was yesterday. It wasn’t a serious and heavy problem, we talked about B.A.P and the members. We wanted to be a team that made better music, when even Maknae Zelo becomes an adult, and B.A.P also becomes older, we think that a little new change would be formed, a lot of thoughts seems to be able to come true.

Q. Not long ago  ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’ ended. During the tour, was there anything that left you a deep impression?
Himchan: My birthday was 19th April, as my birthday was on the day that we were in the midst of a scheduled concert in America, the present fans prepared a surprise event for me. A theatre filled with audiences using slogans wishing me Happy Birthday with messages, and with this much love received… It was touching and I was deeply moved. It was really a happy birthday.

Q. This is on behalf of the fans, on SNS, the mentions that fans sent you, did you read them well?
Himchan: I can’t read all but, even so I relatively often find time to read them. When I upload a tweet, even though many people would reply me but, normally consistently I would look at the many mentions from people. I do look after these messages. Where did you go today, what did you eat and was it delicious, these thoughts came out, are you doing well and I wanted to ask about you, if you had a great day, after seeing such trivial conversations, I would feel reassured in my heart so its good. 

Q. From now till 10 years later, how will 35 years old Himchan’s image be?
Himchan: From now on, I hope I can be a little more serious and a deep person. I will be a person that diligently holds weights, not faking it. Next year onwards I will naturally be able to hold weights easily. People will be more understanding and be able to trust me, and be a sensible and intelligent person and be matured.

Q. Himchan’s dream?
Himchan: Looking back ‘Dream that made me happy’ seem to be living well. For me to not regret in the future, I shall do what I want to do now and live happily.

Q. Lastly, leave a message for the fans that misses B.A.P to see.
Himchan: Because the ones that protected us and stayed by our side to wait for us is here, that is why we are now here. If music are the reason why B.A.P existed, then you guys are the motivation for us to make better music. Always having the heart to be with us, please to do not forget that and remember it.

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Q. It's been past 8 months since you became 20, was there any difference from when you were in your teens?
Jongup: The fact that there are more thing to experience. A hot summer night like nowadays, I can drink with some delicious food. Haha. Most of all, I feel more responsible since I am not a minor any more. I think that I should be responsible for my actions since I am not a minor. Honestly, I had responsibility since I was a minor because I started working in the society early, I think that the responsibility of 20 years of age is different.

Q. I heard that you started writing lyrics since you became 20.
Jongup: I don't have a lot. I want to write even the most ordinary events to most unusual events. I'm trying to write even though it is not great to find my own style by going through all the failures.

Q. Most of the members say that it is fun to be around you. Do you have your special jokes?
Jongup: um... I don't try to make them laugh but i think there are points that is funny to them. I guess my actions and my thoughts are different from others. But i like how people thinks it is funny and accept it. Especially the member, they have some connections going on with me. It's a success since the people that i love and do music with get along together well. ( laugh)

Q. You named the koala plush kopeter (kopi + peter) that you bought at the gift shop in Australia. Did you bring them to korea safely
Jongup: Kopi peter... ran away. Haha, just kidding! They arrived to korea safely and i sent them to a new family. The reason i brought them to korea was to share the mood and the feeling in Australia to the fans in korea. I was thankful that i was able to perform on awesome stages in the love of fans, and eat good foods while looking at the amazing landscape. So, when i was choosing a gift for the fans to show my heart i chose kopeter that represents Australia. Kopeter is probably receiving a lot of love and sleeping at a fan who loves BAP. Kopeter, where are you? What are you doing?

Q. You are famous for your interest in animes. If you get a chance to meet a character in real life, who would it be?
Jongup: i would choose Poketmonster's snorlax. His stomach looks vet comfortable so i want to sleep on it. It will be really comfortable and i'll have a nice dream.

Q.i heard that you sleep a lot with Himchan, sharing the room together. And you chose snorlax.
Jongup: other members always make fun of us since all we do is sleep.they say that we probably sleep more than 15 hours.

Q. You have such a positive personality, so you said that you were happy when you got sty for the first time.
Jongup: i was fastinated by sty when i first got it because i finally got to experience it. Now i can go anywhere and talk about sty! But if i do get sty again i probably will be angry and frustrated. Because i experienced something that us not fascinating nor fun. (Laugh) even i think that i'm positive so i don't really get angry. Of course there are times when i am angry, hating, and scared. But if i cant avoid it, i try to take it in positively. I do express and relieve my stress in my own way.

Q. How do you relieve your stress?
Jongup: i listen to my favorite song the whole day. And if i feel better i also dance. I don't do anything special, but to listen to music which i love and settle my mind, and try to erase any bad memories.

Q.when was the last time that you laughed really loud.
Jongup: i cant really choose one moment since i laugh so many times nowadays. I'm living happily with members and resting.

Q. Have you ever been upset at other members?
Jongup: everyone lived their own life pattern for their lives, of course i had times when i was upset. Like Yongguk said, if you didn't have any complaints that is more weird. There were few rime like that, but i don't really remember why i was upset. It was probably a small thing. Now, we know each other so well, so there is no need to get upset.

Q. You are not the youngest, the middle nor the oldest. Are there any time that you feel Zelo as your friend?
Jongup: not just Zelo, but hyungs are not strict about their position, so we live very comfortable. We make jokes and make one person it and make jokes on that person. (Laugh) many think that we are not comfortable with Yongguk, but if he is not producing then we just get along easily. That is why i like my members.

Q. After 10 years, you are 30. Did you ever though about who you might of become?
Jongup: i never actually though about it. I want to age up. It might be greedy but i want to stay like right now and do music with members. Haha. But 10 years will pass by for us too?

Q.what is your dream?
Jongup: myself and my family, BAP members and their families, and our fans, i mean the whole world to be happy. That is my dream. It is a small start but i can say that my dream is accomplished if the music and anything that i do make someone happy?

Q. Lastly, anything to say to the fans?
Jongup: everyone i love you. I'm really not good with saying these kind of things, but i've been trying to lately. Did you guys notice that i was trying? I will express more and show more from now on. We will meet again soon so wait a little bit more!
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Q. 19 this year, you are spending your last year of your 10's.
Zelo: i am experiencing many things and making my dream in love of many people. So happy and amazed because people listen and love our music from the opposite side of Earth. I've been only imagining it. Because i received so much love, i could make my dream of becoming a singer to a larger dream. When i get into my 20's, i want to start on my dream and give back all the love that i got.

Q. Do you have any fantasies of the age 20?
Zelo: i felt that it will be very exciting ans special but now since im about to be 20, it is not like that at all. I just think that to accomplish my goals, i need to upgrade myself, not about age at all. For me every day is a new start line. I'll be able to challenge new thing more easily and freely, but i will have to have more responsibilities for myself.

Q. If i look at the conversation uptill now, it looks like you already became an adult.
Zelo: i could experience more since i started working in the society earlier than friends around my age, so i learned a lot of patience and tolerance. I may look very young, and lack in experience and thoughts, but i never thought myself as "young." Since i am already in the world of professionals, age does not matter. Because you get judged by your skills and potential, and value. Not your age. So i dont want to cover up my lacking part because im "young." I want to try my best as a member of BAP and as an artist to be judged correctly and show everything.

Q. Other members will still think you as the youngest. Did you ever think that they are over protective?
Zelo: they will sometimes want to protect me since they saw me growing up when i was very young. There are times when their advice and love feels like over protection, but i know their sincerity, i dont hate it or want to get out of it. I just decided to have fun with their attention to me. I experienced more than my friends, but i know my lacking parts so i ask for advice and communicate to get help.

Q. Were there any times that you though other members were mentally younger than you?
Zelo: ah! This question..(laugh) there are times like that but because i love them, i'll make it a secret that i cant tell. Hyung.. i love you.

Q. Haha... i will ask a hard question again. Who take care of you the most?
Zelo: all of them. Since their personality varies, the way of taking care of me differs. There are hyungs who leads me to the good way without saying a lot, or hyungs who pour their love and compliments on me. But if i had to choose one, it would be Jongup because our age difference is small and we have similar hobbies. Haha.
Q. Sometimes it looks like you are a friend with Jongup.
Zelo: he feels like a friend when he is smiling, and since he is so positive. Because Jongup think different from others, even in the same situation he picks out the good parts slightly different from others. It seems that Jongup would say "it's nothing (you'll be fine)" when i tell him any worries i have. When i see him like that, i just feel like he is my friend.

Q. You are sharing a room with Daehyun.
Zelo: Daehyun and i have similar personalities so we get along together. I thought that it would be nice to use a room together with Daehyun because we both like to get things done quickly and clean. So i thought first that Daehyun and i should use the same room. Gerenerally, other members have a well fitted room mate. They all have similar life patterns and personality. Ah! One thing to say. Daehyun make reactions while watching dramas, but he has a strong voice so i get startled sometimes. Daehyun, please lessen it. (Laugh).

Q. You are very calm and quiet. But you also have so much energy to go with the beat made from a black guy on the street of America.
Zelo: im mostly like that wheb it deals with music. At recordings or practice, filiming a music video or getting on stage. I get hyper when i focus on music not caring about time or location. Sometimes i cant even contol it. I think controlling myself is what im learning also. Im just happy that music exists, but having it as a job is so fantastic.

Q. How much of progress did you make on writing your lyrics.
Zelo: that is a secret.(laugh). I tried to not make composing and pracrice a task. I believe that doing it when i want to creates a great result, so i tried to have fun with it. I started writing to read and study more diverse texts. Im having fun with writing my thoughts than speaking it.

Q.what are you currently reading?
Zelo: im in love with poet Hoseung Jung's books. I thought it was amazing that you can portray different idea from such a common words. I read 'a word that gave me courage in my life' and "patience determine what it is used for" really came across my heart. I thought that patience i learned through being BAP fits well with the meaning of the phrase, even hardships come, the people who can endure it can stand on bigger and better position. What ever it is, learning is hard. But if you get it once, than you have it forever, i tried to keeps theze words in my mind.

Q. Asking the youngest, Zelo. What do you think about aging. 
Zelo: i dont want to apply any meaning to it since everyone gets old. However i want to become a great person. Later, it would be better if i had my own color as a producer and continue on many challenges.

Q. Lastly, anything to say to Babys who misses BAP.
Zelo: everyone of babys are like my family. I hope we can be together for long time without your heart changing. Everyone! Thank you so much for always being there for me when i am tired and comforting me. I love you!

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  1. wOw~i love this new interview from tenasia with B.A.P for this month! i mean when i read about BYG's respond on how he is not depress in making music but it is because it was at dawn time he do it that he got somehow emotionally. now,that is news to the fans. bcuz many babys thought something is not right with him everytime he made musics with all of those deep lyric songs which made his fans worried so much. and lol,wow~jongupie makes lyrics too??^ ^ ~atta boy!x) and everything the talks,the interview on,about B.A.P here had makes me left unfinished for me to speak it out - there so many unsaid words i want to say but all those respond or replies from them are definitely the most honest ones i have ever read. thank you for honesty,boyz! you boyz being humble and honest is a good example for anyone or everyone to follow. can't wait what others have to say. love you sll with all of my heart! ;)