B.A.P "Excuse Me" Release Event (Photocard Handout) in Osaka (140906)

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© int_kaeffchen
* The members were in secluded booths to give out their photo cards to fans

Goods: Photocards

Goods: Muffler towels

© elmaluvbap
* Before they went into their booths, they all introduced themselves individually.
* When they went into their booths, Youngjae was jumping, and Jongup was peeking out the curtain, waving his cards, waving a fan.
* The event lasted about an hour and a half

© MOO_Nogutan86
* She told Jongup it was her Birthday yesterday, he wished her a happy birthday, gave her the card and squeezed her hand

© mugi_jae0124
* After the announcement that each member's booth was finished, the members did not come out again. But Jongup and Zelo poked their heads out; Jongup made hearts and the members tended to peek out to say goodbye
* Zelo stuck his head up out of his booth, it was cute

© ko1034
* Near the end, Daehyun hi5'ed Babys or squeezed their hands
* At the end there was to be no member goodbye, but the members waved goodbye from their booths anyway

© ryuoryuo11
* When she went into Daehyun's booth, he was talking with the staff, but when she came in he called her by name [T/N: many Baby wear name tags at these events]

© yukixxxbunny
* Yongguk shook hands and kissed her card before giving it!

© chicalapanozawa
Junhong: Osaka, I love you so much (in Kansai ben)
Youngjae: Fans in Osaka, I love you lots!
Daehyun: Osaka, thank you! Thank you to all the fans!
Himchan: I'm happy we came to Osaka! Thank you! 

© meemeechul
Jongup: Osaka's the best! (Osaka's awesome!)

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