BYS Global Campaign's projects will be launched one at a time. The goal of this campaign will be to introduce B.A.P to more people by different methods and keep the fan's interest on them.  The goal of this campaign will be to introduce B.A.P to more people by different methods and keep the fan's interest on them. 

The goal of this project is to use social medias as much as possible to keep B.A.P on a popular trend all the time - And also keep our fanbase always active to keep fans' interests on B.A.P

INTERACTIONS WITH ADMINS ON SNS - Our admins will have daily interactions with our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. They will post recent pictures, gifs or screencaps of videos to bring up discussions between the fans. 
DAILY TOPICS & ''PROMOTION'' DAYS ON SNS - Each day being a different member's day, our admins will post some facts, quotes and pictures of the member for fans to interact with each others and indirectly promote B.A.P on the Internet. Since we have 6 members, the 7th day of the week will be a "promotion day" for a B.A.P's album. On that day, we will listen to the album's songs, read lyrics and watch the MV and past performances. The promotion day will help to promote B.A.P's music and reach new fans.

Each time you share, retweet, reblog anything BYS posted on SNS, you are spreading the B.A.P love around the world. 
It's has been proved that social medias are the best way to promote something efficiently!

BAPYESSIR.COM is also on FACEBOOKTWITTER and TUMBLR and we recently re-activated our INSTAGRAM account. You can follow B.A.P's latest activities and BYS events and projects through these 4 social medias. These accounts are updated daily.

We also opened new accounts on more networks in order to reach even more people and promote B.A.P to new places: you can now follow BYS on WEIBO and GOOGLE+. These accounts will be updated occasionally.

Lastly, a reminder that all BYS-related videos and subbed videos from official channels (TS ENT, etc.) are uploaded on YOUTUBE and all other subbed videos (we sub in English & 15+ languages) are uploaded on VIMEO (we can't upload them on Youtube due to copyright matters).

Thank you for helping BYS to achieve its mission to spread B.A.P's music around the world! Yes sir! 

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