NOTICE: BYS Videos to be Reuploaded on Youtube and Vimeo


Back in 2013, our Youtube channel has been terminated due to copyright purposes. 
We opened a Dailymotion account and reuploaded all our videos on this new account. 
We've realized that Dailymotion is not the best plateforme to upload nor watch videos, so we've decided to open a Vimeo account and upload our videos there. We even upgraded to a pro account to have more space to upload all videos, but we already meet our weekly limit -_-)/

After some discussions between managers and subbers, we've decided to re-open a Youtube account and upload all BYS-related videos, as well as ''official'' videos from TS ENT that we are subbing in English and 15+ other languages. Our subbed videos from Mnet or from Japanese channels will be uploaded on Vimeo to avoid problems on our new Youtube account. 

With all this being said, please be patient and let us a few weeks to reupload all our videos on our Youtube and Vimeo account. 

Thank you! 

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  1. Good day BYS! Just a suggestion, why don't you collaborate with bapsubbers on youtube? Since the subs main objective is for interntl babys to understand thoughts. It will also save time and the views not to be divided. And most of all, we get to be a bigger baby family. :-)