[NOTICE] BYS now sub videos in 14 languages

Posted by Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM

As you know already know, we already translate all articles, interviews and videos from Korean/Japanese to English for our international followers. We also have more than 60 translators who translates in 18 other languages. We will now sub all videos in these 18 other languages.

We currently provide subtiles on our videos in 10 languages:
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Malay
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Polish
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Filipino
And we are currently recruiting subbers for Japanese, Thai and Romanian. 

To learn more about our translations team, please check the [TRANSLATIONS] page.

NOTICE: Replying to fans who want a collaboration between BYS and BAPsubbers

We received comments, emails and asks from fans who asked us why we don't collaborate with BAPsubbers, or why we announced subbing in other languages after BAPsubbers released a survey about subbing in other languages. 

Just to make it clear; we started subbing videos in other languages weeks before BAPsubbers posted their survey. We just didn't announce it; we wanted to have at least 10 languages to announce it. 

We also offered to BAPsubbers to work with them to release videos faster. They told us that they "want to stay a small team/work on their own or with smaller fanbases." We respect their decision, and that's why we won't collaborate with their team - just as simple as that! 

Please remember that there's no such thing like "copying" other fanbase's ideas or projects. We believe all fanbases just do their best to help B.A.P & Babys, we hope fans will stop seeing "competition" between fanbases of the same fandom... because there's none! ^^

Thank you! 

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  1. you know what. i dont know why so many people,fans or non-fans are so furious,fuming up and so sensitive over a little things that anyone of us did. tsk..like the one who is complaining didn't do anything wrong at all! pathetic. tsk,put yourself in my place. ok. it might not be little but didn't they know to teach themselves to be polite if they wanted to ask over something? for example impolite like "where did the hell did you get this stuff?" as in angry manner. like,why can't they ask nicely(properly) or politely into an easy conversation like "excuse me,if you don't mind..may i know where did you get this information from or do you have a firm proof or a permission for this/that?" and so on. seriously. this is why war existed. not just any war and just because it is either when people trying to explain or apologize over something they did wrong or somekind of misunderstanding and then suddenly some other party or people are budging in said they are not willing to accept. now,how can you expect the other side to settle over things like this? what if we were like them? in their shoes? and still they won't accept our forgiveness. just snap out of it already! you are not perfect,you know. we ALL are not that perfect. so don't try to act like you think you are 100% good or correct when in fact you are also unaware with your own mistakes. shame. elders people at my place taught me to apologize over something even it means a little and explain what we need to explain on why we did this and that on purpose and so on. as long as to let them(other people)know. no matter how stubborn they get or not willing to accept our answers,just do it. rather than to have an arguement or fight over silly matters or over small things like that and accusing things and treating it like it is someting big! sigh. when will you people ever learn. this is what is wrong with the community today nowadays. unwilling to accept sorry from others and always think that they are the only one who is right. and if it was meant to be a joke but not an insult nor a bully - they try to take it/things seriously but accept for the part of racist or anything to do with religious matters - thats a BIG NO-NO. because things like that can really get serious in no matter of time. :\