B.A.P "Excuse Me" Ranking Updates: Excuse Me #1 and No Mercy #5 on Spaceshower Tv

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B.A.P Excuse Me #1 and No Mercy #5 on Spaceshower Tv December 17
(Spaceshower Tv is a japanese music channel)

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B.A.P "Excuse Me" #6 on Japan Countdown Single Chart Sept. 14
(This is a music program on Japanese TV which has it's own rankings)

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#3 on Japan Hot 100 ~Sept 15

#2 on Hot Single chart ~Sept. 10
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September 10 Oricon chart, "Excuse Me" still on #2 with 50723

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September 15 Billboard Japan Weekly 'Hot Single Sales', "Excuse Me" #2

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Tower Records Kpop Singles Chart for Sept. 1~7, Excuse Me is #1, Unplugged is #5

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September 6 Oricon chart, "Excuse Me" back to #2

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September 4 Oricon Chart

Kpop single Weekly Ranking for August 27~September 2, "Excuse Me" #1

 September 5th K-pop single Daily chart, "Zero" #7, "Excuse Me" #8

K-pop Monthly Chart for August, "Excuse Me" #6 (NOTE: the single was released early on this music download site, which is why it charted for August before the official Sept. 3 release)

September 5 Music Station
"Excuse Me" #4 on Music Station (This is one of Japan's main music shows which airs every Friday, though it is not like Korean music shows since there is no voting, but there are some performances)
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September 3 Chart

"Excuse Me" #3 on Oricon Daily CD Single Chart

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"Coffee Shop" ranked #2, "Zero" #3 & "Excuse Me" #5 on Dwango Kpop Daily Chart
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September 2 Chart

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As with their past Japanese releases, "Excuse Me" digital single was released early on Japanese mobile download sites. This chart shows digital sales, and dwango is one of Japan's leading digital music sites.

September 1 chart
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 August 31 chart
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August 30 chart
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August 29 chart

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  1. wow~at B.A.P - being the only korean artist amongst other japanese artists in line on that list of chart from music station! wow! i am so very proud and happy for our boyz! japan,again hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita!! i really missed music station show eversince animax-asia tv channel stopped broadcasting it and i wonder why. :'( but congratulation to B.A.P once again!! their cool musics really touched japanese audience and listeners' hearts out there especially the young people mostly and also people at the age of 40 pluses year old as well!^ ^

    1. *not "touched" but "captured" ^ ^

  2. yes! get that japanese recognition boyz!

  3. and yet some haters are saying our boyz failed or flopped. tsk~you all are being jelly are so obvious!xP lol p.s. at least this ain't a media play and those are seriously done/voted by the real japanese B.A.P fanatic fans from there! wOo~ pretty sure you haters ain't got no shame at all!xD