Zelo mentioned in allkpop's "7 Best Male Idol Rappers"

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- You can read the full article HERE


B.A.P, as an idol group, houses some amazing rappers that I can confidently say would slay some underground rap battles.  Although I am a huge fan of Bang Yong Guk, when I think of K-pop's finest rappers, the groups maknae, Zelo, comes to mind. He may be dubbed as "Giant Baby," but there is nothing baby about his rap game. Anyone that can spit lines that fast with that much flow deserves to be on this list. The fact that he has the ultimate innocent, baby face is just proof that some guys do have it all. 






  1. zeloOOOO~~ when i take a look at that weekly idol videoclip i feel like a proud mother here!^ ^ so proud of you my baby boy! :) you are B.A.P and babts' special boy! ;) ~we love you,our tall n sexy babyboy maknae!♡