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Hello, STARCAST B.A.P channel readers!! We finally come back with a new episode today!
Do you wonder how the six members of B.A.P have spent their break time? For those of fans missing B.A.P, STARCAST summoned B.A.P members to a fancy café in the Gyeongridan Road. Let’s meet them now, right now!!

It’s been a while to see the members and they looked energetic thanks to their break time^^ It was really great to see them. Some members changed their hair style.
Three ice Americano and three Grapefruit Ade-
If you can feel their lovely look even to the beverage, you already became their BABY! ‘▽’☞  BANG! (Feat. Youngjae shooting a bullet of love)

Despite the monsoon, for the BABY losing their energy and appetite in this summer, B.A.P is ready to bring you the ‘special summer’. Their folding fan will ward off heavy humidity and sleepless nights due to the hot weather: they picked up pens to draw pictures on the folding fan prepared by them. 
Daehyun is seriously questioning to their members to choose which kinds of folding fans would be good for the fans.

Jongup is famous for his painting skill in B.A.P. He was so into the drawing. He looked like a real painter^^; The folding fans will be ‘the only ones existing in the world and the special present’ for the BABY. This is loyalty for the BABY!!

Choi-gelo is working on gradation (!) holding two pens at the same time! We can see how he is concentrating on the job. As soon as he heard the subject, “My dream vacation”, he started to draw without any hesitation. We will show you his drawing soon!!

He drew this one line by line!! What a masterpiece….!! Scorching sun, green mountain, and blue ocean….he drew everything in one folding fan. He also marked his signature at the corner of the fan. Bang Yongguk unfolded his fan, saying ‘enjoying the summer’ would be the best way to ward off hot weather……Am I the only one feeling that he looks like an artist ‘ㅅ’….. ^^ We might find him on the Montmartre Hill….Anyway, we could sense his eyes of an artist.

What a greedy man!–v– He could not be satisfied with only one subject^^ He drew one beverage and a beautiful woman who later turned out as his mother previously had appeared in the profile photo of Himchan. He also described his wish to eat Bo Yang Sick –(be careful!! It was not a name of disease and Lovesick ^^) What a  man of sense, ‘cute boy’ 8ㅅ8♥ 

Daehyun who grew up in Busan drew cool Blue Ocean. His voice resembled the deep and cool ocean. He could not draw other things as the space was limited….and while drawing the picture, he said that he wanted to go to see the ocean….It would be great to fan it, listening to ‘Yeosu Night Sea’…right? ^0^

Youngjae_the taste of everyone_sniper. gif
He turned out as the man of detail. He drew smiley sun, seagull, man on surfing board, and seashell friend 1 and 2, and heart-shaped bridge ♥Ξ[ ‘ ‘ ]Ξ♥…..the characters were various….However, nothing could be compared to his charming act ^^; Thanks to his special ability, it was heard that his folding fan was picked as No. 1

‘Master Mun’ did not put down his pen until the last moment. The masterpiece of Jongup !! He described a watermelon as a ‘Super Hero’ warding off the hot weather. His weird and strange idea!! Even the other members criticized that this was not watermelon; he kept his position…and finally completed his unique style of watermelon. Literally, it has different color of attractiveness. The main point here…was probably the tail of watermelon looked like his hairstyle.

The youngest Zelo drew himself on the folding fan: if you see the picture thoroughly….the leg looked so long…^0^He said that this was the picture of himself sitting on the wide sand beach and receiving energy from the earth…he also drew shell on the grip of the fan.

All the fans representing 6 men and 6 colors were completed. The shape and concept are different, but their wish will be the same: they wish the entire BABY taking care of themselves in this hot summer. Can you feel it?
OK. Now, it’s time to feed their empty stomach due to the drawing!!! Another part of hot summer! Cool ‘seasonal foods’ come!!!! But!!! It cannot be for free.. ^^;

We cannot think of summer without Shaved Ice with various ingredients!!! Members could choose various kinds of ingredients~ Now, let’s glimpse at the ‘taste’ of each B.A.P member.

They worked as a couple. So, team members’ harmony was the biggest variable. The first team was ‘DAEM&ZELO’ consisting of Daehyun and Zelo. What a coincidence!! They even matched their color of t-shirts: black and white ^^ They even chanted their team slogan~so cute♥

Even before the beginning, Daehyun thoroughly investigated the ingredients and fed Mango to his partner, remembering the memory of ‘Mango Shaved Ice’ in Taiwan. Zelo was waiting for the Mango opening his lips like a little baby bird. They teamwork was perfect!!!

They put cherry at the top of it. They named it as ‘Bibim Bingsu(Mixing Shaved Ice)’!!! They put two cherries as two of them worked together. The colorful fruits captured our attention!! Now, it’s time to taste it^^

You would never fail if you follow my words~Zelo became embarrassed as the Shaved Ice was too delicious^^It was sweet as much as Daehyun and fresh as much as Zelo.

No one could be sleepy team easily. Jpg (They did it intentionally^^;) Himchan said he could sleep more than 15 hours a day and Jongup became sleepy thanks to him….^^ They recently became a roommate and their ‘sleep collaboration’ became wonderful…..therefore, their team name was ‘Sleepy Sleepy’ (Untouchable go!! \(^▽^;;)/) Sleeping probably was the secret to their beauty….~_~ ………

However, they forgot the mission and started to eat fruits……They focused on eating…. Jongup was inhaling the Mango cut by Himchan. 
Jongup kept his folding fan right beside him…Did you find it, too? Even after the drawing mission, he showed great affection toward his fan….As he poured so much energy, it probably loved it a lot ㅠ ,ㅠ …

It seemed like ‘Simple is The best’ was their motto: the hidden recipe to the team. They poured Espresso coffee into their Shaved Ice. We wonder the taste of ot……see you later^^

They checked the taste of it…despite other members’ interruption; they continued making it…their ‘so precious Shaved Ice’ The result? Check after 60 seconds!!!! ^^

The last team was ‘Old School’ consisting of Bang Yongguk and Youngjae. Why did they choose each other? Their irresistible, fatal addiction!!!!! The leader’s decisive one big shot!! Wait for it~^^

They insisted original recipe: they put mashed adzuki bean and rice cake. Actually, Youngjae looked for injeolmi even before the competition. He was about to search of the rice cake store near here ㅜㅜ Despite his passion, he failed to get injeolmi.

‘Old School’ team prepared ‘looking good’ Shaved Ice by adding milk and condensed milk. That’s why they named their team as ‘Old School’ as they followed the classical recipe.
They became so happy after they saw ‘Sleepy team’ put Espresso into their Shaved Ice. They were definitely No. 1 in preparation time‘ㅅ’)b.

Did we really make this one!!!!!! They were so excited after eating the Shaved Ice^^ They even exchanged high-five~

However, they could not be free from the evaluation!! B.A.P Shaved Ice Contest, the final evaluation time came. They looked stable, but took care of the result seriously….for the fair evaluation, we asked ‘a beautiful café CEO’ to choose the best one.

Daehyun kept eating something(22 years old/Hyun-tori○’▽’○-having singing and snack pack)
As soon as he saw the camera, Daehyun asked BABY to eat the rice cake~ Open your mouth~ ‘0’….

Hey…guys….we’re evaluating…. ^_ㅜ)a…  ‘Old School team’ are falling in love with their Shaved Ice. They tried to ‘clear their Shaved Ice’. Hey~ you are about to jump into the bowl…8ㅅ8
The result??? We prepared the full story through the moving pictures!! What an unexpected result!!!!! Let’s check the result now!!!!

‘DAEM&ZELO team’ took the 2nd place!!! They were so happy even they did not have to do the clean-up^^

‘Sleepy team’ took the first place!!!!! They hugged each other^^ No. 1~♬ What happened to ‘Old School team’? They could not accept the result….ㅜㅜ 
How do you like B.A.P’s ‘Cool summer strategy?’ Did you have fun? 6 members wish your happy day^^ Also, don’t forget to try the Shaved Ice instructed by the members~ Be careful of the rain and cooling disorder~

[Today’s behind cut] 

Before the shooting, our ‘summer boy’ Zelo spent time alone. He focused on something and did not know we were taking a picture of him!! He looked like a poster itself^^

Himchan got upset as he failed to draw beautiful woman….ㅠㅠIt’s ok^^ We have you……♥ He picked up red pen to draw the lips of woman. What a nice Himchan!!

After completing the drawing, Zelo was looking at other members’ fan~ Who drew better???? “It looks so simple, right?)” (Feat. Bap Ross^^;;) Jongup fell in love with drawing and Daehyun drew other pictures.

‘Sleepy team’ became so happy^^ Actually, they were worried about the cleaning up….. Jongup grabbed his wrist strongly…Espresso was their hidden strategy.

If we say so, we do so, B.A.P STARCAST

‘Old School team’ cleaned up all the mess after the contest….(Promise is promise ^^) They failed to take the first place, but their Shaved Ice was so delicious that they were full of energy.
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Take care~ BABY^^ Please, be happy, B.A.P members!!!

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  1. why did Yongguk is cut off from the screet shot?

  2. That is a good way to be cool for the summer. I think Jongup enjoyed the fixing before the treat. Daehyun of course is the expert of foods. I see Yongguk like marshmallows. Don't have account with Naver. but wanted to make a comment..: ) Thank you

    Jawaria (Briteyes55)

  3. Where do I left the comment?

  4. ooh,ooh~!! I REALLY REALLY WANT THOSE FANS SIGNED/DREW BY B.A.P!!!!♡♡ they all look sweet n cool!^ ^ except for daehyun i think!xD but it is still artistic though! ;) love you boyz! and thank you for everything you have done so far. ;) ~B.A.P for life!!x3

  5. i think i kinda agree with the comment on yongguk-ssi's fan that looks kinda artistc. daehyun will come to second in my opinion. and third will be himchan. why because of that face he sketched reminds me one of an old creepy-looking kind of art but i forgot who it was(and although his one is kinda looking funny! but its still ok. lol)^ ^ and the ice cream thing..ohmygod~i love coffee ice cream so much besides chocolate and vanilla!! ~yummy!!>w<