[PROJECT] Make your Voice Heard, Fundraising for Al-Imdaad Gaza Hospital

Shared by Isa & Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Since GAZA is still in need, you can still make a donation now and receive the free gifts below: 


BYS Nicole/owner of Oh My Guk fansite and BYS Dee/owner of Ughh B.A.P! fansite will send free gifts by mail to donators:

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4) email us at bysfansite@gmail.com with the subject "GAZA" and include your name, country, SNS accounts (URL or ID) and a screencap of your donation showing the amount you donated

Preface: If you want a quick explanation of this conflict, please watch this informative video 

 © Jewish Voice for Peace

With the intensification of the already bloody conflict between Gaza and Israel, the bloodshed is getting worse. More than 1,030 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 43 Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians have been killed. A Thai national in Israel has also died.* Over a THOUSAND children in Gaza are still injured and need medical attention.**
*Updated July 28 from BBC
**Updated  July 28 from UNICEF Palestine 

[Fundraising for Al-Imdaad Gaza Hospital]

Several groups and individuals around the world have been collecting donations for various aid groups and charities to help with the desperate need in Gaza. BAPYESSIR.COM has started to fundraise for Al-Imdaad Foundation UK which helps victims of the conflict with their hospital in Gaza.

How to help: Our donation target is $250 USD
Donate via Credit/Debit cards HERE 
(donations through JustGiving will directly be added to the % raised)
Donate via PayPal HERE
(donations via Paypal will be added as "offline" donations on our fundraising page and will be added to the % raised within few hours)

**We don't have any deadline for donating, we'll keep this project open as long as people are still in need.**

[Make your Voice Heard]

We also encourage everyone who feels as strongly as we do that the bloodshed in this conflict needs to end should sign the petition End the Bombing. End the Occupation. organized by Jewish Voice for Peace.

Read & Sign the petition HERE
You may be asked to select an American state, but if you are from another country you can select "other" at the bottom.

If you have any question please contact us on bysfansite@gmail.com or on our ask.fm/bysfansite

Share this project on your SNS and with as many people as you can. 
No matter what your political or religious leanings are, it's undeniable that civilians, many of them women & children, have seen terrible suffering in this conflict. We hope we can all work together to help them as much as possible. 


  1. Thank you so much for the good deeds BYS. :)

  2. hey, this project initially is another site! I donated through them. stealing project BYS? that's not nice

    1. This is my answer to a similar question that was asked on my personal account. Please remember that just because one project ends doesn't mean there is no longer any need. I hope you will continue to support this charity & petition either through us, another project or directly on Al-Imdaad and JVP because the conflict is far from over and people are still dying:

      "Are you seriously getting mad at us for fundraising for a hospital in Gaza run by a charity? I've promoted other projects for Al-Imdaad on my personal account, including another B.A.P fansite's project whose donations are closing on Sunday. The bloodshed in Gaza, however, is unfortunately not close to an end so they are still in need once that project deadline passes. Do you want everyone to stop giving once one project ends? Would that help anyone? We are also asking people to support Jewish Voice For Peace's petition, would you like us to stop that as well since thousands of other twitter and other SNS users have supported that as well and we are "stealing" their idea?
      I'm sorry if I come off as "mean" but if you follow me on twitter you should know I feel very strongly about what's happening in Gaza right now, as well as about other causes. Sitting and doing nothing because "oh someone else is giving to that charity/cause" is ridiculous.
      I hope you are contacting every fanbase and site that supports the same charities like Greenpeace, WWF and Unicef, since by your logic they are all copying or stealing from each other. But I will judge you very hard if you do that since they are all trying to do good.
      Since when did trying to raise money for a charity become "stealing" and "mean," please answer this for me. Better yet, start your own project for Gaza, or the families of the downed Malaysian plane, or act with Canadian First Nations against plans to build an oil pipeline through their land. Why not do something positive instead."

  3. This is why I really hope Babyz stop acting like a Baby. Although I'm not contributing to any fanbases' project on Gaza it's simply not because I thought "BYS is stealing project" or such. It's just because I hv closer trustworthy connections who are going to Gaza themselves to extend their help n volunteer as much as possible. The more who actively creates awareness the better. The conflict in Palestine is not something new; it's not too much to say it's escalating even. The cruelty and invasion that r happening are NOT something new. So BYS is NOT stealing instead they are expanding this awareness. Why America isn't doing anything to Israel Zionists the way they did to Saddam in Iraq? The people in power are NOT doing any effective measure to totally cease this genocide. And again, this is the doing of Zionists, not the Jews. Do u realise the difference?
    Babyz please stop acting like Babies and only doing stuff just to make BAP happy n proud of you n notice u. Start doing things to make humankind happy. Eventually it will create positive ripple effect.
    Show that Babyz are humane enough that they actually see the greater positive impact their good actions bring.
    May God bless us all and bless all the martyrs who had sacrificed to help since years ago.

    1. TRUTH like I agree with every you've said and honestly some people need to see that the more awareness the better like it just hurts seeing those comments. This issue has touched my personally and it's really frustrated me seeing how some people see this as "stealing" -_- Keep doing and awesome job BYS ^^

    2. I have news for you, not Israel or the Zionists are the Palestine enemy, it's Hamas. do yourself favor and search before you open your mouth, Hamas slaughtered every single person who stand up against him. there is hudred of Palestine who live peacefully here, and I even had Palestinians friends. I really hope that all your money won't go to waste, and go to the people who need it there.

      peace from Israel~

    3. Everyone let's focus on the undeniable fact that there are thousands of people injured who need medical assistance in Gaza, that is our main focus. We're not arguing for either side, we're supporting a well-known charity's hospital in Gaza. Whatever your ideological or religious or whatever leanings, the fact that civilians have been hurt is undeniable and we want to keep focus on that.

      Thank you everyone ^^

  4. Love this so much. More awareness and standing for justice for the oppressed represents everything Yongguk and bap lyrics have shown us. This is a great project and I cant wait for my paycheck to donate straight away. I hope bap see this and realize that their fans are not ignorant and are fully aware of the chaos in this world.