NOTICE: Regarding Yongguk's last Instagram & Twitter Updates

Posted by Isa @ BAPYESSIR.COM

We would like to make a notice about Yongguk's last update on Twitter because we know most Babys don't know what happened and we want to clear up things - Because we know the situation can become worse when people just stick to rumors. 

Yongguk created a Sound Cloud account with a new song called 'CURXE'. With that audio, he uploaded an artwork from artist Sammy Slabbinck, but forgot to put credit for the artwork. 

The artist commented on the audio that he wasn't happy with the fact that his work was used without credit. Yongguk then deleted his Instagram update on which he shared both the audio and the artwork. He tweeted "sorry, it's all my fault" to appologize to the artist. He also seemed to appologize on behalf of his fans who defended him/attacked the artist in an inappropriate manner. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind fans that Yongguk is a human being like everyone else and make mistakes too. The only one who should appologize to Sammy Slabbinck was Yongguk and only Yongguk. 

We encourage Babys to read the pledges of B.A.P's Ideal Baby and try to avoid situations like this, and especially not start/believe rumors about it.

Thank you! ^3^


  1. Thank Isa for posting this. I know Babyz are all kind - hearted and truly love Yong Guk but I hope that we will keep a good behavior for the sake of BAP and for our sake as well. :(

  2. hmm~ doesn't seems like a big deal to me though.he already apologized. maybe something is bothering him during his time alone but thanks to all the babys who had been very concerned about him. he need your/our love guys. so always be there for him to remind him in a good way. and thats all i have to say. *meanwhile playing music on cd player from gymclass heroes - cupids chokehold & part time lover - stevie wonder(on youtube) just to chillax~(chill+relax)my mind,my body and myself!^ ^

  3. here appa-gukkie if you feel bored and going a little bit art,frenzy-crazy like me these are the websites i went to(although i rarely or seldomly go there anymore because my phone tablet is rebeling dont want to show any photos,pixel image,etc.)lol~ so,do check them out!x3 & though there are a lot more though i wanted to share but enough those two only,ok?^ ^ p.s. big bro luke chueh and mike shinoda are ones of those people that i respect the most. because they(their arts somehow gives me an idea)inspired me. :)

  4. Hey BYS fansite

    Would you clear that thing about the girl who appears in Yongguk's fantaken photos (airport,..etc) so people stop mentioning her in a bad way?

    she's a fansite's admin (someone said so on twitter) (for Yongguk)

    her twitter: @supremecolor and some fans found about it and accuse her that she's a saesang ,a bad fan ans stuff like that

    she tweeted in English 3 Jul [Picture is not always tell a truth. I respect yongguk's feeling. and I'm not always bothering him. Fuck your wrong analogy.] and [I was just scared out of my wits when you see like that. Do not judge me by only your sense.]

    so clear that, please so fans who don't know her stop accusing her and make a fan war or something

    thanks in advance