B.A.P at SGC SUPER LIVE IN SEOUL on September 13: Live Viewing of the event in Japan

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- Live Viewing of the event 

B.A.P will be appearing in the 7th Seoul Girls Collection "SGC Super Live in Seoul" on September 13th. There will be a live viewing of the event. Please visit http://liveviewing.jp/sgc/ for more details.
*The website has a list of venues in Japan. Tickets are 3600 yen.

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1.) Official Baby can't get special privileges in getting tickets, you'll have to reserve and purchase tickets like very one else.
2.) It seems only fans in Korea can get A & B these tickets. Apparently they text you a number after you make an account and then you have to type the number you received into the box provided on the website

Here is how to buy the tickets for Section C, but it seems you have to be a member of the site first.

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