B.A.P Invitation to Mato Castle Fanevent: Mail Order News for MATO Castle Goods

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*B.A.P Official Japan shop still only ships domestically within Japan, they don't handle international orders at the moment*

B.A.P “Excuse Me Release Event Goods”, “Invitation to MATO Castle Goods” Mail Order News
Mail order for “Excuse Me Release Event Goods, “Invitation to MATO Castle Goods” will begin September 19th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.!! 
※Sales will end when all stock has been sold out

Excuse Me Release Goods (※Tax not-included)
T-Shirt (Size: S/M/L) 3,600 yen
Cushion 3,000 yen
Invitation to MATO Castle Goods (※Tax not-included)
T-Shirt (Size S/M/L) 3,600 yen
Muffler Towel 1,700 yen
Uchiwa (fan) 600 yen
Bandana 1,500 yen
Badge Mirror 800 yen
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B.A.P Invitation to Mato Castle Goods
T-shirt (S/M/L): 3,600 yen

Towel: 1,700 yen

Fan: 600 yen each
Bandana: 1,500 yen
Metal mirror badge: 800 yen

Other goods:
Matoki lightstick: 3,500 yen
Slogan: 1,000 yen
Whistle: 1,200 yen
Bag: 1,800 yen
Shopping bag: 500 yen
Cushion: 3,000 yen

The items will be on sale on September 15th from 10:30am AM.

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Jongup & Zelo Message
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Jongup: Everyone, hello. We are B.A.P's maknaes Jongup
Zelo: and Zelo. Jongup, have you received your invitation for the Mato Castle party? 
Jongup: Of course!

Zelo: Lots of beautiful Babyz will come, right?
Jongup: Of course!
Zelo: I'm really excited. 
Jongup: Ah~ I'm also practicing new impressions. 
Zelo: Oh yeah~ I want to see it soon.
Jongup: Everyone, please come.
Zelo: Everyone, don't cheat on us!
Jongup: This has been B.A.P's Jongup 
Zelo: and Zelo.
Jongup: See you later.
Zelo: Bye bye~

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Youngjae's Message
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Everyone, how are you? It's B.A.P's Youngjae.
Lately B.A.P is busy with party preparations but it seems that there will be a lot of fun games and events!
It's a secret but there will be a terrible punishment for the member that loses the game!
And I have an announcement: If you have a question for B.A.P, sent it to us and we'll answer it!
B.A.P's everything is open to you~~~!!
We're expecting a fun party.
That's it, it was B.A.P's Youngjae! Bye bye!

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Yongguk's Message
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"Hello everyone this is B.A.P's Bang Yongguk
We'll be meeting everyone at Mato Castle on September 15, right?
The concepts for the first and second events are different, so we are now preparing for them.
Everyone, please come enjoy "B.A.P's Invitation to Mato Castle." 
We wish everyone can make fun memories.
We are collecting songs you want to hear. We are taking your song requests,
Tell us the songs you want to hear
(send to email on screen with maximum 1 song and your nickname by Sept. 1st, e-mail subject 歌ってほしい楽曲)
That's all from B.A P's Yongguk."

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Himchan's Message
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"Everyone, hello, I’m B.A.P’S Himchan.
Did you all receive your invitations to Mato Castle? 
I will of course also be going as a handsome prince. 
Hmmm, I may find my perfect Princess Baby there, right? 
Will you please become my partner everyone?
Everyone please come stylishly, ok? 
I’m waiting at the party!

This has been Himchan."

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Daehyun's message

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Everyone this is B.A.P’s Daehyun, it’s been a while! 
We in B.A.P have become princes and are having a great party!
On September 15 we invite our Baby Princesses to Mato Castle!
In order to have an incredibly fun event we are doing many preparations, so please look forward to it, ok~
For our Baby princesses, perhaps we will propose to you, or…
You’ll have to come to Mato Castle on event day to know what contents the event will hold.
So, we’re waiting for you!

That’s it from B.A.P’s Daehyun, thank you, I love you!

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Promo video

Short video of them announcing the event and asking you to join

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《B.A.P Invitation to MATO Castle》 
September 15 is the day of B.A.P's fan event "B.A.P Invitation to Mato Castle!" Introducing Babys to Mato Castle, there is the first "Gala Party" event followed by a 2nd "After Party" event.  Different than a concert, it will have songs, games, contact with fans and show B.A.P's natural side.

Information (all times in JST)
1st Gala Party 2:00 pm Doors open/3:00 pm Start
2nd After Party 6:00 pm Doors open/7:00 pm Start
Place:  Pacifico Yokohama National Hall  (Where B.A.P had their first Japan shows for LOE 2013)
Price: Each 7,990 yen(incl tax)

Ticket Sale info
BABY JAPAN Fanclub ticket lottery: August 8 (Friday)12:00pm~August 13 (Wednesday)12:00pm
Official Mobile Site Members ticket lottery: August 13 (Wednesday)12:00pm~August 18 (Monday) 12:00pm
Public Sale from August 30 (Saturday)

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  1. ~LIKEOHMYGODlikeiamsoveryveryjealouswhenireadonallofthearticlesaboutthislatestnewsabovejustnow!!11!!>< i want a B.A.P private gala party for my upcoming 40th birthday anniversary this coming two years ahead of me!!x3 just for me,myself and i only!xP lol oh,and every babys around the globe are invited as well and are welcome for free!!x) sigh~if i only i'm a trillionaire~ even being a millionaire nor a billionaire also not enough to provide a one,cool imaginary private party that i even dare to dream of!x\ $ob$~ lol

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    please oppas think of the ones that can't make it.
    i love you oppas!!

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