EXTRA STOCKS of B.A.P Necklaces & Wristbands for Sale! Free Shipping & Free Gift!

*Funds collected will help to finance several BYS projects*

Quantity in stock: More than 60

Quantity in stock: More than 20

We'll include this matoki keychain in every orders for free!

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PayPal, credit card, debit card (bank account). 

Free shipping worldwide (by airmail). It usually takes 6-12 days to reach international buyers. We ship from Canada. 

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  1. Is it possible to just purchase the dog tag, and other small things or do you have to purchase a shirt?

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  3. Free shipping to cambodia too?

  4. Are they're still mediums left? :) Ive been looking for concert tees other than what is offical

  5. do you get all 6 bracelets/photocards freebies with the tshirt or do you choose 1 bracelet and 1 photocard?

  6. B.A.P is one famous logo and every person recognize it. There are numerous designed Leo necklaces which popular in the market so quickly and every person wear them. This B.A.P Wedding bands necklace is also a good one and soon I will buy it.

  7. Nice collection of key chains and rubber band and usually these rubber bands I wear on my hand. If you have more collection of these rubber bands then kindly share buy assignments online in australia with us. Most of all I like pink color since childhood and keep it up.

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