B.A.P "will be coming back with a different side to them" in recent Naver Article

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Recently, the boy group B.A.P that finished with the 4 continent tour including Asia, America, Europe and also Australia said they are having their long-awaited break. What might they be doing in their break? The members Jongup and Youngjae send us the recent news!   

So, can we first meet with Jongup? Jongup who is currently having an album's photo-shoot said that they are taking a break after having finished the tour. When I asked about future projects he responded "Maybe, in a certain period, we'll have a long break, we're improving ourselves right now". What about your self-improvement? He told us "Vocal or songwriter, I'm trying to write lyrics as a hobby. I think next time when we meet with our fans, We'll be able to show them a different and cool side of us" and then send some expectations to the fans.   

Next is Youngjae. Youngjae who is currently having the japanese album's photo-shoot said that they are spending their break comfortably. Youngjae who is asking for the fans safety, commented with worry "It's summer so be careful of the heat, don't be too close to the air-conditioner because you can get ill, take care of your health". Finally, he send a flying kiss as a gift for the fans who are waiting for them.   
B.A.P that sent a surprise message to their fans, said that they will be coming back with a different side to them. That was Jongup and Youngjae of B.A.P.

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