Vote for B.A.P at the Synnara Awards 2014 - Best Album of the first half of the year

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B.A.P are nominated for the Best Album of the first half of the year at the Synnara Awards 2014.
The voting for the first round ends on June 10th. Log in is needed to vote, international fans can participate too. On how to sign up and how to vote see our tutorial below.


Click the link and sign up as overseas resident.

Step 4: You need to fill ALL the blanks of the personal Information. The additional information is not very important, so you don’t need to fill all the blanks. You need to do an ID check, also there’s an option in the additional info where you can search for your artist of interest, if you want to fill it then you just need to click at “검색” and search for your favorite artist.

How to do the ID check:

Step 5: Click at “Confirm” at the end of the page once you’re done filling out the form.

Step 6: Check your e-mail and confirm your registration.

Step7: Enter to the following link and log in.

Step 8: You just need to click at the picture of B.A.P’s album and then click at “참여하기”. You can also leave a comment if you want at the end of the page.

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