Unplugged 2014: Request B.A.P on TV Programs

Shared by Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Here is the list of Korean TV stations, Twitter Lists & popular shows, please tweet them with a smart & nice description of #BAP to promote them in English or Korean (with a recommendation link, a recent, short video/MV of B.A.P that represents them well).

*Keep in mind they are on tour when this single album is released so we are not sure how many Korean promotions/appearances they will be able to do while touring, but we can still show these channels that B.A.P is in demand!

KBS (Hello Baby, Dream Team, Happy Together, Happy Sunday, 2 Days 1 Night)
MBC (Infinity Challenge, Come and Play, We got Married, Radio Star)
SBS (Running Man, Star King, 김병만의 정글의 법칙)
Hopefully with your help they can appear on TV shows and dramas more besides music programs only (even more awesome if they are more on magazines and advertisements).

Music programs: 
If you have any TV stations & DJ's Twitter accounts or contact methods, no matter is they are local or international, please send us an email to bysfansite@gmail.com. We'll collect every links in this posts and will work with fanbases of many countries in order to help B.A.P more.


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