TUTORIAL: Special Event for 2nd Official BABY

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This is B.A.P fan club admin.

B.A.P Fourth Single Album releasing SPECIAL EVENT!
For BABY 2nd, there will be an telepathy event with B.A.P!
BABY 2nd who selected to be a telepathy king will get B.A.P's limited membership cared, which is only one!
Can you mind B.A.P's telepathy which is a tip for the telepathy king?
BABY 2nd, who got B.A.P's telepathy, write the answer for the telepathy!

Please join this evet BABY 2nd, and look down for farther more information!

June 5th, 2014 ~ July 15th, 2014 (KST)
-1st event date: June 5th, 2014 ~ June 10th, 2014 12PM (KST)
This event is holding once per week.

The member who give telepathy to BABY is?
Bang Yongguk

 • How to apply
1. When you answer the telepathy questions, choose whichever answer best fits your likening
2. When you choose an answer, you have to leave a secret message after each choice

Ex) 1st choice: o o, 2nd choice: o o, 3rd choice: o o, 4th choice: o o, 5th choice: o o
3. You must wait to see who gets chosen

• Winners Selection Criteria:
- Has the best telepathy with B.A.P through the telepathy questions given 
- Winners are selected at random if there are too many winners

• Announcement of the winners
- 1st round of event winners will be revealed on June 11th in the afternoon (late afternoon)

• Winner’s present
1st round telepathy king: Bang Yong Guk’s member card + B.A.P’s signed fourth single album (1 person) and for the BABYs who got a majority of the telepathy questions right will receive just B.A.P’s signed fourth single album (2 people). 

- Only 1 ID for each member is allowed to apply
- 1 ID is counted as 1 person
- The present will be mailed out after the event is finished

Name- Bang Yong Guk 
(1) Dip-eating vs Drizzle-eating

-when you eat tangsooyook (Korean fried meat) do you dip it into the sauce or pour the sauce over? 
(2) Jjajanhmyeon (Black bean noodles) vs Jjambong (Spicy noodles) 
(3) B.A.P vs BABY
(4) Black vs White
(5) seasoned chicken vs fried chicken
(6) rice vs bread

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  1. I can't understand most of the post, the english is not... the best...?

  2. Still confused can you better explain exactly what needs to be done?

  3. What's it mean by leave a secret message after each?

  4. Time is almost up for YongGuk, can you guys explain this a bit better please I really wanna enter but I don't know what to do. This is more like a translation and not a tutorial

  5. Okay you lost me at the secret message part. I really want to be part of this. Please explain more clearly

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