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Hello, readers of ‘B.A.P STARCAST’! Have you been waiting long for B.A.P’s new episode? We could hear your voices asking B.A.P ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’

We have come back with ‘very special story’ which only STARCAST readers may read. Are you curious already? Then scroll down with thrilling mind!
※ But be cautious you don’t shoot heart laser ♥_♥ and mom’s smile ‘▽’)/
This episode started with Daehyun’s word in the last mention party of ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’.  

We started to verify ourselves whether B.A.P would receive attention as new fashion people, style icon, and with their fashion sense!
# Project Runway – Airport outfit

Airport outfit is the best root to know ‘hot’ celebrity’s fashion sense. There would be no exception for B.A.P, who is visiting the airport as if it is their home, right? So we examined the departure of B.A.P leaving for ‘LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’ in Singapore. It was a 100% real way without prior notice!  

It is Bang Yongguk, who said his ideal type is “a person wearing t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers” in ‘2nd BABY DAY : Be My BABY’ last January. We thought it was uncommon since ‘that fashion’ cannot be digested by anyone.. Since it was Bang Yongguk… he could digest that fashion…☞☜
He showed his merits naturally by wearing only white t-shirt and destroyed-jeans on his handsome slim body and long legs. 

It is Himchan who was thrilled in showing his newly dyed hair! He replied that he is the ‘trend leader’ if Bang Yongguk is the team leader and it is ‘the color which will lead the trend’ to our question what color his hair is. Does he look nice with it? He completed his style with bling sunglass and simple black Boston bag. He also gave a point to his style with necklace of his indigenous brand, ‘Channie’. 

Daehyun, who was busy doing his duty as a ‘reporter’ holding a camera since from the van, was attracting with ‘black&white’ style. The sunglasses he wore matched his pink hair well. He says that he bought the mirror-lens sunglass, which is a trend, faster and differentiated than anyone else. Don’t you think he’s hiding his ‘Kekemato’ image under his black suit?

Ice coffee in summer~♬ Youngjae is enjoying his cold coffee on his way to work. Is that a ‘Starbucks’ coffee?
He showed relatively comfortable black fashion since he rests enough during the long flight time. Maybe the gladiator shoe that was a hot issue at the recording studio last time is his ‘it-item’. He gives a different mood by matching it with his short pants. 

It is Jongup, who has been already recognized for his ‘masterpiece figure’ through concert stages by BABYs. He is showing soft mood with black and grey styling today. He also shows his sense by wearing summer’s representative fashion item, denim shorts. But the real sharp dresser knows how to give ‘points’! He wore red sneakers which is eye-catching immediately. Can you feel the energy whenever he takes a step?

The main character that made the airport into a runway, the youngest Zelo, has appeared. He showed the most drastic fashion that has his own unique style. Flower-printed shirt completes his fashion! It matches well with his clean skin. We give 100 out of 100 for his rolled-up cute jeans that show his ankle slightly! 
# We want to know what’s in the bag – looking through B.A.P’s traveling bag!
We became curious what’s inside their big traveling bag for their tour schedule after looking at their individual airport outfit. We followed them, who just arrived at Fukuoka for their Japanese concert, to their dorm instead of BABY who would be more curious than us!

Youngjae opened his bag first among the members after scattering to their own room. He showed his clothes one by one saying that there is not much to show since he came for concert and have to continuously move for the tour schedule. 
Excited Youngjae of the ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’ music video was gone and calm Youngjae meticulously folding his clothes was there. The skill folding his untidy clothes to its size wasn’t just a normal skill. We could feel his proficient skill from somewhere~


Daehyun was the second member who opened his bag! He showed his bag widely with polite hand gestures for BABYs even though he said he’s embarrassed to show it. He introduced his belongings by behaving that he’s not feeling awkward saying ‘tada~’. We could see the best attracted and loved sneakers by Daehyun and Jongup at the same time. ^^

The purse which he always carries with him and fashion items that he specially paid attention! He has packed two sunglasses in order to match those with daily style. We could also see various style caps as Daehyun likes to enjoy wearing caps usually.

It is time to open their bag ‘without mercy’ which even the leader cannot avoid! We started to look into Bang Yongguk’s bag. It was full of various ‘black’ color items starting with his t-shirt to his shoes. The heavy color sense seemed to match well with him.

The first thing he got out from his bag was the Tigger pouch. His love for Tigger is already well known. The unexpected showing of Tigger made a mathematical formula, ‘Bang Yongguk-Tigger=0’. He also showed his perfume he enjoys using usually which Tigger pouch was protecting! ‘_<

After thinking for a while, he came up with something he wanted to show. Bang Yongguk, who always try his best to see lots of pictures, movies and books in order to write good lyrics, said he packed two books this time. He has not missed out his ‘favorite book’, ‘Critical biography of Che Guevara’.
# Get it B.A.P Style!

Himchan appeared with his attractive hot pink traveling bag! He started to self-direct right after he saw the camera, saying that he has to be shot well since he opens the door.
His acting of ‘just arrived at the room’ was excellent as soon as the shooting started after resting in his room. He needs a big hand since he posed a familiar pose by showing ‘perfect manners toward pictures’ by himself!

We asked Himchan, who is usually full of sense, to recommend a point-item that completes styling. He recommended a ‘2014 Summer Must Item’ after looking into his bag. Are you curious what it is?

Himchan, who is usually known for being a coffee mania! He says that he is doing his best these days to keep his promise he made with BABY to drink ‘only 2 cups’ of coffee. He recommended that using a cold-cup than a disposable takeout cup can not only protect the environment but also use it for fashion item! Would BABY also follow the splendid styling of ‘ecofriendly male’, Himchan? :-)

It is Jongup, who has arrived riding his traveling bag instead of an airplane^^; He is now in the dorm room but his zip-up hood jacket and sunglass made him have an entrance fashion look. Shall we also hear Jongup’s styling tip?

Jongup, who likes animation as character-printed fashion has become a trend, recommended a cute character item. It was Olaf watch, which looked 99.9% like him. Jongup’s love for Olaf didn’t melt away even though summer has come! (Olaf, you’re my LOVE…♡) He says he will spend the summer with ‘optimistic icon’, Olaf who wanted to enjoy hot summer. We should give Jongup citizenship of ‘the winter kingdom’…;;

Jongup thinks that one can make full use of as much one knows! He says that focusing on what one has interest in is the way to complete stylish fashion. So he showed his sneakers that he likes the most as his best item.

It is modest Zelo who says “I have interest in fashion but I don’t think I wear stylishly”! But have you noticed his sensitive and confident uncommon style? Zelo, who is doing his best to learn more, usually gives his opinion in styling and ‘trying’ to wear new things. So he seems to have many colorful items.

He says that he always think about ‘what he will wear tomorrow’ at night before the day he goes out. He coordinates his style that matches the situation and place in order to find his own style rather than following the trend. He is also thinking today about what to wear tomorrow by spreading out his packed items!

He has put on his clothes he will wear tomorrow! The cheerful look as a nineteen-years-old boy and cute style matches well with him. He seemed mature since he showed his sincere thoughts rather than smart images through this chance which there weren’t much to talk about his own style. We would observe Zelo, who is a prepared fashion person, carefully from now on, wouldn’t we?

He is the youngest who does not only ensure his visual appearance and fashion, but also his internal stability as a rapper. He checks the lyrics and writes down his thoughts whenever there is spare time. We hope to see lyrics that contain his thought in the near future. You’re growing up well♬
# Today’s behind cut

Oh Bang. Yong. guk who uses cash as his bookmark, Oh
Actually, the concept was from his immediate idea (“Everyone, smile a lot, the world needs your smile” – feat.Gukzzy), and we close-up his ‘pretty hand’ as a bonus.

This is an example of a member who have taken picture a lot vs. a creative member who would say no when everyone says yes

This is time of ‘everything is mine’ than ‘everything is pretty’! Youngjae seems to smell of fabric conditioner.

B.A.P is digesting their busy tour schedule with vigorous aspiration of “meeting all BABYs in the world since it is round”. BABY, wait for them a bit since they promised to come back from their left schedule enthusiastically and healthily! Please give much interest and love to their fourth single album, ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’!

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  1. i 1000% love about this! this is so new - B.A.P's fashion style or showing what is their hobbies or doing their leisure time♡ thanks TSent! hope to see more of these or anything that seldomly shows about them that we really dont know on their daily lifes! ;)

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