B.A.P Official Japan Birthday Greeting for Daehyun #HappyDaehyunDay

Shared by Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

B.A.P Japan Daehyun Birthday greeting

B.A.P Official Fancafe Header for Daehyun's Birthday


  1. once again happy birthday,oppadae..daedae~ hehe^ ^ thank you for your hardwork. you deserve our love(babys/babyz love all around the world+korean babys/z too) stay always healthy,cheerful and helpful along with your hyungs and dongsaeng and the magnets lol,i mean a.k.a the maknae lines!^ ^ p.s. i hope you get your abs back!>< lolol *i mean it if you possibly can and want/willing to do it again!xD* i still can't helping but staring at that photo image of that one hot,sexy body of yours from that pinterest website again! i even saved the picture right away to my phone memory card!xDDDD

    1. oh,and also stay handsome,sexy,hot,naughty,attractive,gorgeous and playful(along with oppajae~jaejae too and others)lol - as usual and as always!^ ^v peace out~

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